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Make your own homemade Vitamin C Face Toner

homemade vitamin c facial toner

Hello my beautifoodies friends, here I am ready to share with you the 3rd First Aid Tip to help you fade away acne scars, blemishes, red patches & dark spots. In my previous blog posts I shared with you: * how to prevent pimples and fade aways acne scars using essential oils and * how to make an Acne Scars & Rosacea Fade Away Serum Using Rose Hip & Ribes Nigrum Seed Oils, and today I’ll share with you how to make a homemade vitamin C face toner. Why Vitamin C? Well, vitamin C is extremely effective at lightening acne scars & promoting clean, clear and blemish-free skin. If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time, you already know that I am a firm believer that our beauty starts from the inside out and that we must help our skin from the inside before starting to cure it on the outside. How can we do that? Fortunately, Vitamin C can be obtained from both plant and animals sources. The richest plant sources of ascorbic acid are fruit and vegetables. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables may help you in healing acne scars from the inside out and in the same time it will … Continue reading

Cucumber Beauty Benefits: Puffy Eyes Natural Remedy / Whitening Facial Mask / Refreshing Mint Scrub and Sunburn Soother

cucumber whitening mask

Stay cool during hot & humid days just by being aware of the all natural cucumber beauty benefits for your skin: an awesomely effective puffy eyes natural remedy, a great whitening facial mask & a refreshing mint cucumber scrub for hot summer days. Cucumbers are 95 percent water,therefore they can easily refresh you from the inside out, keeping you hydrated if you eat them and helping you relieve sunburns, acne problems and fight large pores, oily skins or dermatitis if you apply them on your skin. Cucumbers are chock full  with the vitamins the body needs in a single day therefore it’s the ideal ingredient for your green smoothies and fresh salads. The high water content, Vitamins A, B , K and C and the presence of minerals like magnesium, potassium, manganese and silica make cucumbers an essential part of a healthy diet as they may help in weight loss, in reducing cholesterol and regulating blood pressure. If you use them often in your meals, you’ll be happy to discover the cucumber beauty benefits which will show you one more time how many of the ingredients we usually use in our kitchen can beautify us not only from the inside out. First of all, click … Continue reading

Almond Milk Skin Whitening Mask!


Would you want your skin to enjoy the same benefits your body gets from almond milk? Well there is a way 😉 With this quick almond milk skin whitening mask you will improve the complexion of your skin and lighten the overall color. Check out the video-tutorial below for  the recipe! If you don’t know how to do your own homemade almond milk, take a look at my quick tutorial. I’m sure you’ll give it a try when you see how easy it is to make it: The almond milk with its anti aging qualities will nourish your skin, the egg white will reduce the appearance of large pores (especially in oily skins), it will remove dead skin cells and it will diminish the look of fine lines and firm your skin. The lemon juice which is mildly acidic will add a cleansing effect to your mask and will help in diminishing the appearance of scars got from acne lesions and age spots. If you are looking for a ready-to-use alternative, this natural skin lightening face cream can be an efficient remedy to use in synergy with the almond milk skin whitening mask 😉 The benefits of an this almond milk … Continue reading