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Vegan Pumpkin Soup with Almonds for Cold, Gloomy Days

vegan pumpkin almonds soup

So you’re sad cold weather is here with gloomy, short days? Don’t be! 🙂 I’ll give you a reason to be happy it’s getting cold outside! 😉 This amazingly delicious vegan creamy pumpkin soup with almonds!!! Strange combination you’d say at first sight, wouldn’t you? Well, if you love the almonds taste, you’ll absolutely love this soup. It’s so creamy you would never guess it doesn’t have dairy in it and it’s also completely gluten-free. So fast & easy to make, once you try it, you will keep bringing it back in your lunches or dinner meals 😉 Give it a chance, take a look at the recipe in the below video-tutorial: How could you now live without it, when with one simple recipe you get to enjoy both the  almonds benefits (if in doubt about the almonds health benefits, get to know them in one of my previous tutorials) and the pumpkin benefits, amazing veggie loaded with antioxidants (betacarotene), vitamins (A, K, C) and minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium). Ok, you may not be into cooking, but hey..are you still hesitating after seeing how many ingredients it requires? 😉 I think even you may deal with them and in less than 15 minutes … Continue reading

Raw Vegan Chocolate Macaroons Recipe

raw troufles and cupcakes

If you’re trying hard to eat clean and healthy, I bet you’re gonna fall in love with this delicious raw vegan chocolate macaroons recipe. Mini cupcakes are an alternative for those of you who like small sweet treats 😉 Giving up dessert is not an option, you just have to stick to healthy choices and you’re gonna be guilt feelings free 😀 This yummy vegan recipe is flour free, sugar free & butter free and it is raw, the healthiest & most nutritious way to eat 😉 Get yourself ready to experience natural chocolate heaven! Of course do not forget moderation is always the key to maintain a fit figure, it’s gonna be pretty hard to resist these delicious raw chocolate macaroons and not eat them at once, but as healthy as they may be..moderation is the key 😉 As always, don’t forget to thumb up/ LIKE the above video-tutorial if you found it helpful and informative. Remember to subscribe my youtube channel for more beauty tips & tricks and let me know with a comment if you enjoyed the video and the tips! I’m looking forward to reading your feedbacks and suggestions!! Can’t wait to see you next week with a new beauty food tip!  Credits: Free … Continue reading

Raw Vegan Broccoli salad with dried raisins and goji berries for a healthy looking skin!

raw broccoli salad

Are you in love with broccoli? Well, I am 😉 ! Especially now that thanks to this delicious raw vegan broccoli salad I’ve discovered that I can eat it either cooked or raw! This tasty vegetable is rich in dozens of nutrients, like vitamin C, vitamin A (mostly as beta-carotene), folic acid, calcium, and in dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and phyto- chemicals and has so many health benefits for us among which:  cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, a less acidic body, aid in digestion, prevention of constipation, maintaining a low blood sugar, promoting bone and heart health and so many other health benefits. Just to give a short example, already a good amount of years ago, the Johns Hopkins University published a cancer study showing that broccoli prevented the development of tumors by 60 percent and helped reduce the size of the tumor by 75 percent. I strongly believe that eating healthy foods can help me & you fight acne, minimize wrinkles and get back to a glowing, healthy, and radiant skin. That’s why I’m trying day by day to find a balance in my diet and to eat as much raw foods as possible. Well, the day I discovered that I like raw broccoli as much as cooked broccoli, was a happy … Continue reading

Stay Fit and Eat Healthy While Travelling – New York Vlog

stay fit and eat healthy while traveling

Stay fit and eat healthy while traveling, yeap..this can reveal to be quite a challenge. This video tutorial contains some quick & simple tips on how to stay fit and eat healthy although on the road. This is my experience, but you are free to custom-made these tips according to your own needs 😉     If you have other useful suggestions pls let me & other people watching the video know, posting a comment down below! I’d really love to hear your “voice” 🙂 Remember to subscribe the channel if you do not want to miss the future tips & tricks and let me know if you enjoyed the video. Thank you for tuning in!! See you next week 😉 Don’t hesitate to spread the word and share the video, REMEMBER sharing is caring!  xxxx Rozalia

Healthy Spinaches & Berries Smoothie Recipe

spinaches berries smoothie

As true as it is that we are what we eat then each meal should be the excuse to only get healthy food. This smoothie recipe is healthy, delicious and full with antioxidants, vitamins and fibers and it is cheap, easy and quick to make, just perfect for busy on-the-go mornings. The perfect breakfast alternative! Ingredients: berries, 1 banana, baby spinaches, ginger root, mint, ground flaxseeds/or chia seeds, homemade almond milk. If you or your children are not a fruit or veggies lover, be sure that smoothies will help you and your beloved 🙂 Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables as the taste of the greens is hidden by the taste of the fruit. Check out the video-tutorial below for the recipe! Green smoothies are a great way to start your day with a boost of energy, hydrated and satiated. They contain high amounts of water and fiber which it will make you feel as if you just ate a full meal. You will be blown away by the increased energy you’ll feel, the radiant skin you’ll find yourself with, your cravings for junk foods will be greatly reduced, but you will surely start craving healthy foods 😉 Have fun and dare experimenting with different … Continue reading