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DIY Natural Hair Spray: How To Add Volume To Flat/Thin Hair


I am so excited to share with you this effortless diy natural hair spray that will add volume to flat and thin hair. I’ve been using it for the past 2 years and I am literally in love with it ! As you may know branded hair spray products are expensive and usually full of chemical ingredients and silicons! Wouldn’t you feel more at peace saving some money and especially being totally aware of what you apply on you hair getting an awesome result? If you’ll give this a try and totally love it you’re going to change the way you look at hairspray forever 😉 Check out the video-tutorial below for the recipe! In order to make this natural homemade hair spray you’ll need: demineralized water, apple vinegar (or any vinegar you may have at hand), aloe vera gel, your favorite organic fragrance, an ecological and organic preservative,  panthenol, phytokeratine powder and rice proteins (or wheat or silk proteins – any of these will do). In order to add volume to your hair you will need at least one of the last 3 ingredients of the recipe: phytokeratine / panthenol /rice (silk or wheat) proteins . On the whole these 3 ingredients are the ones … Continue reading

Make Your Own Whipped Butter For Hair and Cellulite

whipped hair butter

Curious about today’s beauty tip? ^_^  Well, I am going to share with you how you can make your own whipped butter for hair and a smart trick of how to fight cellulite using the same product 😉 As you may have already understood from my previous tutorials, I love making my own products at home. 😉  It’s the only way I can get to control what goes onto my skin & hair. Today’s tutorial is dedicated to one of my favorite hair masks : a rich creamy whipped butter.  I have used quite a lot of ingredients but don’t be discouraged by the rich formula, you can get amazing results also by simplifying it! Check out the video-tutorial below for  the recipes! Just remember: in order to get the same creamy texture always maintain the percentage of 40% butters against 60% oils. As for the essential oils, do not use more than 25 gtt per 100g of product. Essential oils are extremely powerful and should be used cautiously! They will scent your butter and empower it with its wonderful properties. All the oils & butters can be found in supermarkets or even more easily online <3 Instructions: – always melt first the … Continue reading

Hair Friendly Tip: Natural Heatless Curls Using Aloe Gel

luxurious heatless curls

I am happy to share with you this incredibly easy and fast hair friendly tip that will help you get natural heatless curls using a hair doughnut and aloe gel (we don’t want to cover our hair in chemicals, do we? 🙂 ), which is commonly used as a moisturizer for skin but it also is a great styling product. And the aloe gel turns out to be pretty awesome as a styling product. The aloe vera actually improves detangling, smoothes the cuticle surface, decreases frizz, adds natural shine to your hair and it has emollient and moisturizing properties. And not only, all the minerals it contains: iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other micronutrients help in fighting dandruff and in obtaining an anti-inflammatory action for the scalp. I’ll surely include it in my future hair masks and leave-ins. Check out the video-tutorial below for  further instructions! It looks great, the curls last for a couple of days but keep in mind that you can use the hair donut overnight everytime you wish to have perfect hair the following day. Really comfortable to sleep with (make sure to make the pony tail ON TOP of your head ), it doesn’t hurt … Continue reading