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Coconut Beauty Tips: Coconut Facial Toner and Other Coconut Body Treats

coconut body treats

I’ve thought of these DIY coconut beauty tips for all those of you who love coconut scented beauty products, like chocolate body scrubs and would love to prepare them at home with natural ingredients, chemicals-free. Coconut is highly nutritious and is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals therefore a variety of coconut-derived ingredients—from coconut oil to coconut flour and coconut milk—are increasingly being used lately at home as part of the daily diet and why not, as part of the daily skin care. There are so many ways coconuts can be enjoyed! Nowadays we can produce our own coconut milk or coconut butter at home, yet in my today’s post, I’ll concentrate on how we may obtain coconut butter from dried coconut flour without having to use a high speed blender. I’ve tried to obtain coconut butter using my normal blender which I usually use to make my homemade almond milk, but it has been a total failure…therefore I had to come up with another solution. If you’re curious to discover this alternative, take a look at the below video-tutorial 😉 If you have a high speed blender, do not hesitate and give it a go, the coconut butter you’ll obtain will have a longer shelf life than … Continue reading

DIY Natural Biphasic Eye Makeup Remover Tutorial

eye make up remover

Learn how to do it yourself this gentle and natural biphasic eye makeup remover thanks to this quick and easy tutorial! A biphasic eye makeup remover consists of a water-based cleanser and an oil-phase liquid. Shake them together and the two different phases will mix up combining their properties to remove your makeup. In the whole makeup cleansing process, removing eye makeup step cannot be skipped. Not washing away the daily makeup it is bad for your lashes and eyes. It’s not only a question of waking up with dark smudges on your face. If you keep your eyelashes perpetually coated in mascara, they will become brittle and prone to breakage. Therefore if you sometimes feel like not removing your eye makeup because you feel too tired or lazy, just remember that leaving eye makeup on, it makes you more prone to wrinkling and that the delicate eye skin ages easily and if not duly taken care of, it is the first one to show your years 😉 This homemade alternative is super easy, super cheap and anyone can do it! If you want to replicate the eye makeup remover as I do it, you will need: 1.rice oil 2.demineralized … Continue reading