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Large pores? Oily skin? Astringent White Wine Home Remedy!

white wine facial mask

Do you hate large pores? Do you fight your oily skin DAILY?  Of course large pores go hand in hand with oily skin 🙁 and usually occur in the T-zone. Fortunately, many home remedies help in reducing the appearance of large pores and oily skins. Today’s beauty tip is a white wine facial treatment which will leave your face brighter and it will minimize the so much hatred large pores. If you are under the drinking age, please ask your parents about making this mask 😉 Check out the video-tutorial below for  the recipe! You will need: white wine, aloe vera, 1 white egg, tea tree essential oil (use the exact drops indicated as essential oils are very powerful) How come white wine? Well, white wine is lightly astringent and full of antioxidant properties, therefore it is awesome for tightening pores. Aloe vera cools your skin and prevents the excess of sebum secretion which is the major cause for acne and at the same time it moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel. The egg white has a deep cleansing effect and helps too in minimising pores. Tea tree is a powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial essential oil (use … Continue reading