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How to Use Almond Pulp Leftover: Homemade Raw Vegan Cheese

RAW almond CHEESE video-tutorial

If you love making your own homemade almond milk, you are certainly among those persons who had to look for an answer to the question “how am I going to use the almonds pulp leftover?”. Well, this homemade raw vegan cheese may be one solution ūüėČ In my video tutorial on how to prepare¬†almond milk¬†at home, I suggested you to use the almond pulp leftover to do a facial scrub. But it’s a pity, especially if you’re making almond milk weekly not to find an edible solution on how to use the almond pulp. That’s how I got to try this yummy, simple, homemade vegan¬†raw almond cream cheese. Click on the video below to see the video tutorial and the recipe¬†: There are a couple of different ways to make nut cheeses.¬†Today‚Äôs recipe, as you could see from the video-tutorial above, is pretty basic. But you are free to experiment¬†to perfect your own version of almond cheese. You can play with this recipe adding any combination of ¬†fresh or dried¬†herbs and spices¬†that you like or have on hand. You may replace the mint with basil and make basil lemon pepper cheese.¬†Or you may cut out the onion and add a ‚Ķ Continue reading