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Nutty Berry Vegan Quinoa Breakfast – Gluten Free

quinoa breakfast small

Bored with your everyday breakfast and looking desperately for a healthy alternative? This nutty berry gluten free quinoa breakfast is delicious, healthy  and easy to make! Such a hearty high-fibre gluten free breakfast /snack ! I am in love with quinoa since I’ve discovered it some months ago and if it were up to me I would use it daily in my meals! If you think quinoa is meant just for lunch and dinner then you should try to use quinoa in your breakfast routine and I’m gonna help you do it 🙂 This recipe will serve two people, or one who’s very hungry 😉 Check out the video-tutorial below for the recipe! Not only  a filling sugar free breakfast, also a miriad of health benefits: quinoa is high in fiber,  vitamins, minerals, a plant-based complete protein and also has the highest fat content of any grain – but is not a grain. The berries are a powerhouse of antioxidants and flavor while the nuts contain healthy fats that will help you absorb the vitamins and minerals. If you would like to get more of a porridge texture you can add some homemade almond milk. Yes, homemade: it’s so easy to do it yourself, that there is no … Continue reading

Organic Almond Milk Recipe and Almond Pulp Facial Scrub

Almond milk homemade recipe

I’ve dedicated my 1st ever video-tutorial (click below to watch it) to the almonds health benefits, to my almond milk recipe and to a super almond pulp left-over facial scrub. You’ll discover: why you should eat almonds, which are its health benefits, how it helps eating almonds in weight loss which is the ideal way of eating almonds. I’ve included in this tutorial my fresh & easy homemade almond milk (creamy, thick and really tasty!!!) recipe.. The almond milk is a great dairy substitute, healthy and nutritious which you may use as a base for smoothies, cereal breakfast or in cold creamy soups. Directions: Soak the almonds overnight for max. 8 hours. In the morning, drain and rinse them. If you want your milk extra white, then blanch the almonds, otherwise you are free to proceed placing them into the blender 🙂 Add the water, enough dates to suit your preference for sweetness and eventually cinnamon or vanilla. Turn the blender on and gradually increase speed to high. Blend until mixture looks milky. You can use wither a cheesecloth or a nut milk bag to strain the milk from the almond meal. I did not have one when shooting the tutorial … Continue reading