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Say good-bye to disobedient & fragile brows with this homemade eyebrow shaping gel!

Say goodbye to disobedient, fragile, stressed & brittle eyebrows with this easy DIY homemade styling & strengthening eyebrow gel. 

DIY Homemade Eyebrow Gel I have always been aware of the fact that eyebrows can make or break our look that’s why I have always paid the eyebrows special & regular care by brushing and trimming  them. Sometimes excessive plucking lead to thinning eyebrows over time, but fortunately my eyebrows always grew back also thanks to my other homemade serum I apply each night to get thicker & longer eyelashes and eyebrows. Let me know if you’d be interested in getting the recipe for this serum too.

In the past, I’ve always bought drugstore brands, the most recent one was the Tweezerman Brow Mousse which I pretty much loved and which inspired me to try to make my own personalized and 100% natural eyebrow shaping mousse which would not only get my eyebrows in the perfect desired shape, but would also nourish & revitalize them thanks to the active ingredients I added in the formula.

My eyebrows are not incredibly bushy, in some places are a bit sparse therefore I chose to keep them long to make them look thicker. I usually apply this gel after I have defined my brows with a brow pencil or eyebrow powder & it holds the color in place nicely.

You’ll find the full recipe of the brow mousse in the video tutorial as well as some more info on the ingredients used and their properties.

It is really easy & quick to make, it will require you only about 10 minutes and you’re good to go for months! Lots of money saved, not to speak of the strengthening effect it has on your eyebrows.

The gel you’ll obtain has no scent, it is not thick and it is colorless. A clear, conditioning formula which contains glycerin, phyto-keratine, hydrolyzed silk proteins & panthenol to soothe, strengthen and nourish brow hairs. The styling, shaping effect is given by the fructose.

I don’t have all these ingredients..will it still work?

styling & strengthening brow gel

Don’t worry if you don’t have some of the ingredients in the formula, the gel will still shape your eyebrows as long as you used the fructose in your recipe. The fructose, at the indicated quantity in the formula, will act as a preservative as well and won’t allow bacteria to develop. If you find the mousse too strong or heavy on your eyelashes, diminish the fructose percentage in the formula, but make sure to add a preservative, as fructose is indeed sugar which bacterias love so much. 🙂  If you don’t have one of the ingredients, remember to substitute it with water so that the final count is still 25g as in the initial formula.

Also the brush makes a difference. The brush of my mascara is not thick and it does not gather much gel therefore also the quantity of gel which I apply is little which it is ok for my kind of brows. If you need bigger quantity of product make sure to choose a generous brush applicator or mascara-like wand.

This homemade eyebrow gel has a non greasy finish & it smoothly styles and shapes your brow hairs keeping them flat. It sets dry and does not flake or leave any residues.  It feels comfortable and it’s invisible.

Avoid to apply it on your eyelashes as it will burn your eyes if it gets into your eyes,  due to the acid pH of this product.

If you experienced problems in the past in keeping the shape of your eyebrows throughout the day, this homemade eyebrow shaping gel will do the trick for you 😉 It’s really cheap as compared to other similar products on the market and you’ve done it yourself! 😀 Can you think of a bigger satisfaction? 😉

Make sure to enter the Giveaway open until the 22nd of March 2014 in which I give as a prize 1 homemade eyebrow shaping gel. Click here to read the rules and enter the giveaway! 😉

DIY Homemade Eyebrow Gel

Where do I buy all of these cosmetic ingredients?

One of the most frequent question I receive, is “where should I find the ingredients used in these homemade remedies and handmade cosmetics“?

I live in Italy therefore I buy most of the ingredients from Italian on-line stores or European on-line stores. But if you google, as I did, “cosmetic ingredients online” I’m pretty much sure you’ll be able to find some online stores in your own country.

Anyway, just to give you some hints, I’ll leave you some web-site addresses of stores from around the world: Italy, Romania, France, Uk, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia:

Aroma-zone.com (France), Elemental.ro (Romania), Makingcosmetics.com (USA), Newdirectionaromatics.ca (Canada & Usa as well), Lotioncrafter.com (USA), Theherbarie.com (USA), Purenature.co.nz ( New Zealand), Soapkitchenonline.co.uk (Uk) Aussiesoapsupplies.com.au (Australia), Heirloombodycare.com.au and so on…there are really lots of choices out there..you just have to acknowledge them 🙂

I don’t advise you to buy vegetable oils or essential oil on ebay. I would not use on my skin cosmetic ingredients from a supplier whom does not provide technical sheets for its products. I am supposed to apply it on my skin therefore I MUST know exactly what it contains, which are the recommended dosages, its origin, date of production, etc.

As always, when using a new product, remember to make an allergy test before applying it onto your skin.

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Credits: Dj Rostej – Long Way available here: http://bit.ly/1fqrEy0



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    Say goodbye to disobedient, fragile, stressed & brittle eyebrows with this easy DIY homemade styling & strengthening eyebrow gel.

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    great tip!

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    hello Rozalia i can’t find Phytokeratine and cal u tell me where to buy
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