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Raw Vegan Chocolate Macaroons Recipe

If you’re trying hard to eat clean and healthy, I bet you’re gonna fall in love with this delicious raw vegan chocolate macaroons recipe. Mini cupcakes are an alternative for those of you who like small sweet treats 😉

Giving up dessert is not an option, you just have to stick to healthy choices and you’re gonna be guilt feelings free 😀

This yummy vegan recipe is flour free, sugar free & butter free and it is raw, the healthiest & most nutritious way to eat 😉

Get yourself ready to experience natural chocolate heaven!

Of course do not forget moderation is always the key to maintain a fit figure, it’s gonna be pretty hard to resist these delicious raw chocolate macaroons and not eat them at once, but as healthy as they may be..moderation is the key 😉

raw troufles and cupcakes

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15 Responses to Raw Vegan Chocolate Macaroons Recipe

  1. Frape Gruit says:

    i really love your videos! you are wonderful! <3

  2. FatinaDeiLibri says:


  3. FatinaDeiLibri says:

    Meraviglia!!! :-)))

  4. BeautyFoodTips says:

    thank you!!!! <3 :))

  5. BeautyFoodTips says:

    da sperimentare..ci si mette veramente poco a farla! :))

  6. Stephaniebobo says:

    how about if i don’t have cocount flour? what can be replaced?

  7. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Hi Stephanie! you may try to use the almond pulp leftover instead of dried coconut flour…although the taste will never be the same 🙂

  8. Handalusia says:

    It looks so delicious! I need to try it. Thank you!

  9. BeautyFoodTips says:

    :)) I’m pretty much sure you’re gonna love it!

  10. Michael Gebben aka GEBBS says:

    YUM YUM YUM!!! I can’t wait to try this out!! Keep ROCKIN out the videos 🙂

  11. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Hey Michael! I really appreciate you coming over 😉 !!! thanks for the encouragements and the awesome motivational videos you share with us! you’re a constant source of inspiration 😉

  12. Cristiana Boi says:

    voglio assolutamente provarli!!

  13. Manuela says:

    Provati….buonissimi!!! Grazie !!!

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Bene, contentissima di saperlo! e’ un po’ che non li faccio, ma la voglia di dolce non manca mai :))

  14. Keeley Shobbrook says:

    the way she says recipe haha!

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