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Prevent pimples & fade away acne scars naturally with essential oils

Hello my beautifoodies friends,

here I am back with a new highly requested beauty tip. Lots of you left me messages in my previous videos or on the social networks on how to prevent pimples & fade away acne scars naturally.

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Acne is a severe skin issue & often cannot be solved by only using simple beauty tips & tricks.

In order to see long-lasting results, you may have to see a dermatologist & to pay attention to your diet, making the best efforts to eat as healthy as possible, avoiding artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, synthetic trans fats, artificial colors etc.

Another thing you have to pay attention to is what you apply on your skin, starting with your face creams as well as the make-up you use. Mineral oils which are often in the ingredients list of many cosmetics, may clog your pores & instead of helping you treat your acne issue, making it only worst. Do your best to use natural, organic face creams, paying always attention to the ingredients list as green does not always mean safe.

Most of us, as teenagers, suffered from this skin issue & probably, having the right approach at the time, may have saved us from lots of complexes due not only to pimples but also to acne scars.

For those of you whom do not have severe acne, but just sporadic pimple breakouts I thought it would be useful to make three short series:

Essential Oils FIRST AID

Vegetable Oils FIRST AID


The 1st serie is dedicated to how we may prevent pimples from breaking out using Tea Tree (otherwise known as Maleleuca) Essential oil and to how we may fade away acne scars & blemishes using Lemon & Benzoin Essential Oils.

I  am in love with the Tea tree essential oil as it is the only essential oil (together with Lavender essential oil) that can be applied directly to pimples for an effective and natural acne treatment.

It has amazing antibacterial & soothing properties and you may get to see the immediate benefits if applied properly to prevent pimples from breaking out. As soon as you see or feel that a new pimple is making its way through on your skin, you simply apply 1 drop on the interested area & you’ll see that in no longer than 24 hours it disappears. It is important that you apply the Tea Tree essential oil as soon as you see/feel the pimple.

The sooner you apply the better & quicker results you’ll see 😉

I invite you to watch my above video-tutorial for further tips & application instructions.

Please remember that as any essential oil it is very powerful & you must not use more than a few drops. Just 1 or 2 drops will be enough to penetrate the skin, disinfect the pores, fighting efficiently the pimples from breaking out.

Just give it a try & you’ll find an effective ally & an awesome natural alternative to harsh synthetic chemicals, in your battle against acne, helping you save money too.

attivo purificante 3 If you’re not new to my blog you must already know that I’ve launched my own organic cosmetic line, Beautilicious Delights, which can be tailored made to your specific needs. You may find more details on the cosmetic personal care products here. I actually announce the release of the cosmetic line in the video-tutorial 🙂

The Purifying Sebum Control Booster is the perfect union between the bardana extract & the grapefruit extract helping reduce and balance sebum production & shrinking large pores, thus, providing a balanced, clearer and healthier looking skin. It may be another natural alternative to the harsh synthetic chemicals 😉

If you currently face severe acne, I will tell you what I would have told myself 20 years ago: “Remember that acne holds us back but only in our minds. We decide to let acne control & define us.” Choose yourself & take action against anything that holds you back!

If we can’t win all the battles against pimples, we can find some allies in fading away acne scars & dark spots. Some of the most known essential oils for their lightening properties are the lemon & benzoin essential oil.

Pay attention not to use lemon essential oil during spring / summer time as it is photosensitive & it will only surprise you with some new dark spots if you apply it and then expose yourself to the sun. Both of these essential oils will help lighten the complexion of the skin if applied constantly, following the instructions I give in my above video-tutorial.

Please remember! Do not consider applying the essential oils directly on your skins, as they have to always be diluted (maximum 1-2 drops) in a vector oil (vegetable oil, aloe gel or your daily cream).

It’s as important that when you’re applying a new essential oil, to test 1 drop on a small patch of skin first. If the skin feels hot or turns red, apply a vegetable oil to the area to dilute. Washing the area with water is less effective. Skin sensitivity is highly individual therefore try to get to know your skin, observe it, listen to it! Don’t believe that what works for others will work for you too.

attivo antimacchia|whitening booster A ready to use natural alternative may be the Whitening Fruit Acids Booster which is as effective to help you reveal clean, clear and blemish-free skin.

It’s an awesome cocktail of fruit acids, which promotes the renewal of superficial skin cells. A brightening booster that will improve your skin texture resulting in a balanced, radiant complexion.

I’ll talk to you soon with the next acne First Aid series. If you found useful this post & my video tutorial, make sure to subscribe my youtube channel or to join the fun by subscribing thBeautifoodies friends’ list by clicking here to always be updated with the latest tips & tricks!

Take care & stay positive!

Much love,


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    Absolutely Exciting! I thank you for taking that one step and your Extreme

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    Hi thank you for your videos.great work.do you have any email addres.

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    benjoin and benzoin oil are the same?

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