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Making Aloe Vera Gel at Home – Video-tutorial

Hello my beautifoodies friends, this beauty tip is especially for those of you whom love & use aloe vera gel everyday…because making aloe vera gel at home will help you save lots of money while being fully aware of what your aloe vera gel contains.

You may already know that the aloe vera leaves secrete a clear, transparent, jelly-like substance that can be applied topically to heal wounds, burns, sunburns and soothe skin.

This would be the best solution as it preserves all of the beneficial properties of the plant, but it’s not that handy and how many of us have at home an aloe vera plant? homemade aloe vera gel If you choose to make it at home, the ideal solution would be the aloe vera gel obtained using:

freeze-dried aloe vera powder


pure aloe vera juice

The therapeutic profile of the freeze-dried aloe vera powder is lower than the gel obtained directly from the plant, YET it preserves important benefits for the skin: moisturizing, healing, soothing and protective properties.

The freeze-dried aloe vera powder can be obtained from either the aloe leaves & as well as from the inner gel. The transformation process removes the water from the leaf which is then transformed in powder. If it’s used the inner gel (which assures most of the beneficial properties will be transferred to our homemade gel), the gel in the leaf is usually removed by a hand filleting process.The gel filets are ground, filtered, and concentrated under vacuum and freeze-dried into a powder.

diy aloe gel You only need other 3 ingredients apart from the freeze-dried aloe vera powder:

vegetable glycerin (optional), xanthan gum (which helps reaching the gel consistency) and the preservative (which is a must!). And of course the pH indicator which should always be a must to make sure the homemade remedy you’ve created is safe for your skin.

Check out my below video-tutorial to see the exact procedure to obtain the homemade aloe vera gel:

If you can’t find the freeze-dried aloe vera powder and prefer using aloe vera juice, just make sure first of all that your aloe vera juice does not derive from aloe vera forex as it may contain ingredients, like aloin and other anthraquinones that the skin does not enjoy & may irritate it.

Anyway, as per any other cosmetic, always make an allergy test, applying a small quantity on a small part of skin.

Usually the aloe vera juice is sold in big quantities, 1 liter, and you’ll need to use only a small quantity for the homemade aloe gel therefore I advise you to freeze the remaining quantity so that you may use it for future homemade batches of aloe gel.

To obtain your aloe gel using aloe vera juice, you have to replace the water from the initial recipe (you find in the above video tutorial) with the aloe vera juice as shown below: HOMEMADE ALOE GEL USING ALOE JUICE   Where do I purchase freeze-dried aloe powder or aloe vera juice?

All you have to do is type “freeze-dried aloe vera powder” on google and you’ll find lots of online suppliers selling it.There are some in Italy, too, I bought mine from Farmacia Vernile.

As for the aloe vera juice every supermarket sells it, just make sure that the ingredient list actually states 100% pure aloe vera juice and the food grade preservative. You’ll be amazed at discovering what other “wonder” ingredients may some aloe vera juices contain.

Making your own aloe vera gel is a great natural cheap alternative which allows us to be fully aware of what we’re applying onto our skin. It may not have all of the properties the gel derived directly from the aloe vera leave has, but yet, it’s yet  fully working compromise.

Since I’ve discovered it, there has not been a day (it’s absolutely a must cosmetic on my holidays too ) without making sure I had aloe vera gel at hand. It has so many applications that really..how can one live without it?

Aloe Vera Gel benefits

aloe vera gel benefits First of all it’s a great sunburn & burns remedy due to its powerful healing activity at the epithelial level of the skin, it eases inflammation & soothes skin if applied topically to minimize itching onto the skin, it has antibacterial properties therefore it is great for acne prone skins and it moisturizes oily skin without giving it a greasy feel and mattifying the skin without obstructing the pores. It also is an amazingly efficient aftershave treatment as its healing properties can treat small cuts caused by shaving.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for quite some time, you may have already noticed that I use Aloe Vera a lot in my homemade remedies: as a styling product for my hair or in my facial toner for oily & acne prone skins or simply as a foaming facial cleanser for sensitive skins as well as pure aloe gel as a homemade remedy for acne and to help fade away acne scars as it helps reducing pigmentation and dark spots. Not to speak it works wonders to calm itches due to insect bites making a simple 2 minutes natural remedy itch erase. Last but not least, during my last vacation I discovered it to be also a great first aid for jellyfish stings.  Tell me if I haven’t convinced you to at least give it a try 😉 !!!

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Take care & always choose yourself ;)

Much love,


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20 Responses to Making Aloe Vera Gel at Home – Video-tutorial

  1. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Let’s learn how we may make our own aloe vera gel at home 😉

  2. Rebecca Cornel says:

    nice video……

  3. Kim Norris says:

    I am enjoying your videos very much. Thank you.

  4. BeautyFoodTips says:

    ora anche con i sottotitoli italiani! 😉 Buona visione! :*

  5. francesca scavetta says:

    bellissimo video e utiissimo. il gel d’aole vera costa moltissimo e così
    ora posso farlo io :D. mi piaci molto!!!

  6. Samantha says:


    What is the use of xanthan gum and preservative?
    Is it for longer shelf life?


    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Hi Samantha, the xanthan gum is used to give the consistency gel while the preservative has to be used to avoid the proliferation on bacteria..if you don’t use a preservative, in less than 3-4 days your aloe vera gel is good to be thrown away 🙂 You’re welcome :))

  7. Thủy Nguyễn says:

    thank you so so much for this recipe ^^. i have found it for a long time

  8. StyledivaM says:

    hi.. Can you please tell about the preservative you added and in how much
    quantity. and how long is the shelf life of this aloe vera gel.

  9. basma badawy says:

    can i use fresh aloe vera “i mean the gel in leaf” Allowance aloe vera

  10. basma badawy says:

    thx & all the best for u 🙂

  11. basma badawy says:

    sorry beauty i forgot How much grams put of fresh aloe vera

  12. Huma Kapadia says:

    +BeautyFoodTips – Can I add Vitamin C (crushed tablet) & one Vitamin E
    capsule instead of Cosgard as the preservative?

  13. amscmusic says:

    Hi this is a really great recipe. I would love to make this but im having
    difficulty finding cosgard preservative. Is there a natural alternative I
    could use to preserve and if so what would the measurement be? Thank you:-)

  14. Ange says:

    Hi this is a really great recipe. I would love to make this but im having difficulty finding cosgard preservative. Is there a natural alternative I could use to preserve and if so what would the measurement be? Thank you:-)

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Hi Ange, sorry for my late reply. Where are you from? I can indicate you some alternative website where you may get the same preservative :))

  15. Diana Less says:

    Lovely presentation

  16. Lyah Yasmine Renar says:
  17. Yadier says:

    How long does it last?

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