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Make Your Own Natural Homemade Remineralizing Herbal Toothpaste: Sage, Horsetail & Mint

Hello beautifoodies friends,

those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram know that in the past few months I’ve been trying different formulas of toothpaste and today I am excited to finally share with you the ones that I most loved.

I have to confess that I personally love practicing oil pulling in the morning for all of its amazing benefits as it helps me with my sensitive teeth, freshens my breath, withens my teeth and strengthens my gums.

Plus, there are lots of dentists out there that claim that toothpaste is of no use or at least secondary when talking about teeth cleaning. What we’re really going to benefit from are the mechanics of the process: the brushing, flossing and irrigating.

This being said I would not dream of  facing my busy-on-the-go mornings without my homemade toothpaste as well as there is no going back, once you experience the natural freshness of herbs & how clean your mouth feels at night before going to bed 😉

I don’t like the psychological terrorism that it’s usually used to warn against harmful ingredients that may be found in our daily cosmetics. I truly believe that only being aware of what cosmetics contain and how they work, we can make conscious choices on what we should apply on our skin.

HERBAL HOMEMADE TOOTHPASTE BFT Why should we make our own toothpaste?

Well, standard toothpastes are said to contain lots of harmful ingredients such as fluoride, triclosan, dea, sls, propylene glycol but I challenge you to investigate and find out why these ingredients are supposed to harm you..at least the next time you choose to buy a commercial toothpaste you’re making your choice fully aware of what it contains & not only because induced by advertising.

Plus, it is so much fun to make, it will save you money & do we wanna talk about the great feeling of self-sufficiency and accomplishment it gives you? 😉

I share with you in my video tutorial 2 100% natural & refreshing toothpaste recipes, a basic one & a more complex one, both using the incredible properties of 3 edible herbs: sage, horsetail & mint.

herbal toothpaste bft 3

I love the idea of remineralizing, strengthening & whitening my teeth using herbs we have at hand in our kitchen, herbs that thanks to their anti-bacterial, anti-septic and gum tightening properties will help in providing complete dental care.

What does a toothpaste usually contains? What do you need to make toothpaste?

Usually toothpastes may contain all or only part of the following ingredients:

Gentle abrasive substances like silica, baking soda, ultra ventilated clay or calcium carbonate gently remove plaque.

Clay, natural source of minerals will effectively remineralize your teeth, while baking soda thanks to its alkaline pH prevents the proliferation of bacteria. If used in small quantities, there is no risk that it will affect the enamel of your teeth as baking soda is one of the substances with the highest solubility in water. The percentages I used in my 2 formulas are low so that baking soda will dissolve & scratching the teeth will be prevented.

Humectants such as glycerin or sorbitol prevent the toothpaste from drying out. Glycerin has also a slight antibacterial function and when used over 40% acts as a preservative.

There’s been quite some controversy on whether glycerin can get to coat or not teeth, but after investigating through the online content there is not a single official study supporting this “belief” made public by a chemist, Dr. Gerard F. Judd, Chemistry and Fluoride Researcher in April 2002 . You may get to read more here or here.

You are now free to choose how to take care of your teeth being aware of all of the theories that have been made public, but isn’t it strange that in more than 10 years not a single other scientific study supported Dr. Judd theory? This kind of makes me think it over and it certainly is not enough to convince me to start using soap to brush my teeth…

Surfactants. Those of you who adore bubbles should include a surfactant in your homemade toothpaste. I like to keep it as simple as possible, therefore I left out the surfactant, as there is not a real need to degrease the teeth when cleaning them.

Thickeners. If you have hydrosoluble ingredients in your formula, you need to give a certain viscosity and volume to the mixture, therefore you may need to add a thickener like xanthan gum or hydroxyethylcellulose.

Sweeteners such as sorbitol, stevia, xylitol help toothpastes have a good taste while it prevents the growth of bad bacteria.

Essential oils: thanks to their anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties they are able to neutralize toxins while giving your toothpaste a yummy refreshing taste.

Food grade Colorants: if you feel like personalizing your toothpaste you may color it using food grade colorants, I personally love its natural green color due to the powdered herbs.

Preservatives: not all preservatives out there are edible, therefore please pay attention when choosing the preservative for your toothpaste. This is why I either prefer the powdered toothpaste or the formulas, like the ones in my video-tutorial, that do not need a preservative.

diy herbal toothpaste bft

Remember that the pH of your toothpaste has to be slightly alkaline, as acidity damages your teeth enamel. This is why it is so important to always brush your teeth as soon as you finished your meal..as the food residues rot, they cause bacteria to build up inside your mouth destroying the tooth’s enamel part. Besides brushing teeth and flossing, most dental care experts also recommend their patients to use oral mouthwash. Oral mouthwashes help eliminate the remaining bacteria around the mouth which may not have been removed by brushing and flossing. An easy oral mouthwash may be done using 1-2 drops of essential oils per glass of water (tea-tree, mint or lemon essential oil are just amazing as oral mouthwash).

Let yourself be inspired for your own homemade herbal toothpaste watching the below video tutorial..

I hope you’ll feel inspired to give one of these formulas a try, I personally love to feel the natural taste and the freshness of herbs & how clean my mouth feels after using them 🙂

Please do not hesitate to share with me and everyone else watching this tutorial or reading this blogpost your own favorite homemade toothpaste formula.

Remember to like the video if you enjoyed it and to share it with your friends & family. Subscribe my youtube channel to stay updated on my new beauty tips & tricks or simply join the fun by subscribing my free Beautifoodies friends’ list. 

Talk to you soon, happy sunny spring!

Much love,


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17 Responses to Make Your Own Natural Homemade Remineralizing Herbal Toothpaste: Sage, Horsetail & Mint

  1. BeautyFoodTips says:
  2. jennram1 says:

    Love this video! Thank you!!

  3. missilovepapaya says:

    Ciao Rozalia, non si deve mettere il conservante? Comunque l’idea è bellissima e voglio provare! Anche il tuo progetto sembra molto interessante. Good luck!

  4. Georgia Moore says:

    This is amazing, thankyou

  5. elly says:

    love you and I love Your videos, but PLEASE can You put written recipes on the blog? It will save time for us and it’s so much easier to follow the recipe that way and also the possibility of printing out the recipe is great.
    About homemade toothpaste… I’ll try to make the next batch following your second recipe.
    Thank you for being so great :)))

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Hi Elly, I promise to look into this asap and make it possible for you to print out the recipes. Thank you for stopping by and your feedback!Take care 🙂 Rozalia

  6. Sima says:

    Can you please tell me where you buy the ultra-ventilated white clay or where I can buy it? I love your videos by the way.

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Hi Sima I usually buy mine online from a french store: aroma-zone.com but pretty much every online store selling clay should be selling the ultra-ventilated one too 😉 Hope this helps you. Thank you for stopping by! <3 Hugs, Rozalia

  7. angel29476 says:

    Ρίξτε μια ματιά σε αυτό το βίντεο στο YouTube:

  8. Tatjana Miljojcic says:

    Rozalia, when is the next video coming? i can’t wait for another one.^^

  9. Jen Clem says:

    Interesting video. Do you have any natural solutions for removing
    blackheads? Thanks.

  10. kris Davis says:

    Great video! I will try your recipes. For your second recipe, where did
    you get the container to dispense your toothpaste?

  11. Elle Hax says:

    Where can we purchase the squeeze container and what is the technical name?

  12. RealsleepyheadzzZZ says:

    great recipe, but l will substitute coconut oil instead of glycerine.. just
    my preference. I love your diy’s and l pinned all of them to Pinterest to
    spread the love for you 🙂

  13. krunkykrewsters says:

    Great video! Can you please tell me what an ideal range for the pH level of
    a toothpaste (and our mouths) is? Thank you!

  14. Mad Kill says:

    can anyone use this? like people with metal fillings ect.?

  15. Thủy Nguyễn says:

    is this safe ??? i thought that kaolin clay can’t eat ??

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