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Learn How to De-Seed a Pomegranate to Get Yourself a Detox Spring Snack!

Hello my lovely beauty-foodies friends, I don’t know how weather is where you live, but here, in the North of Italy it feels a lot like spring. That’s why I felt inspired to mix some of my favorite berries & pomegranate to get this yummy, yet healthy detox snack.

deep detox snack I have a confession to make…I’ve avoided for year pomegranates because I simply did not know how to de-seed them. The few times I tried to de-seed them, it all ended up very messy and that scared me away..until a few months ago when I decided I could no longer ignore the beautiful pomegranate plant we have in the condominial garden imploring me to eat its juicy wholesome fruits. I came back in the house and grabbed my laptop and googled it. The pomegranate universe opened up to me :)) I’ve found out there are several methods to de-seed a pomegranate in a couple of minutes AND since then I have been all about the whole pomegranate.

how to seed a pomegranate In my video tutorial below I share with you one method while for those of you who don’t mind if little of the juice is lost in the process, the spoon method is the most quick and ideal method, especially for those of you who approach pomegranates for the 1st time..and we don’t want you to get scared away the way, do we? 😀

Now that we’ve learnt how to get those tricky pomegranate seeds out, lets go on & prepare our detox snack. You’ll need 2 apples, 1 pomegranate, 1 handful of blueberries & 1 handful of red currants, fresh mint leaves & 1/2 lime. Make sure to choose a sweet variety of apples so that you may avoid to add any other sweetener.

If you’re curious to know how these yummy fruit can work wonders for our skin & body, helping us detoxify it, give a look at my video-tutorial below & I’m pretty much sure you’ll be amazed at how nature has been immensely generous with us and simply provided us with everything we need to stay healthy and beautiful.

Cleanse your body, your mind and fuel your soul with nature’s delights.

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Credits: Alekso56 – Glorious Morning available here: http://bit.ly/1fGgVw9



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5 Responses to Learn How to De-Seed a Pomegranate to Get Yourself a Detox Spring Snack!

  1. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Get ready to detox your body with this wholesome and delicious snack &learn how to cut open and de-seed a pomegranate in an easy & quick way!

  2. FatinaDeiLibri says:

    Che bontà! Dove trovi il lime? Niente assistenti felini questa volta;-)

  3. Tatjana Miljojcic says:

    Yum! awesome video as always, your videos are my all time favorites. keep up the good work! btw, pomegranate is my favorite fruit..^^ hugs

  4. KDL522 says:


  5. Ecka I says:

    Can you nake an after sun spray or lotion ?? Thanks ..

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