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Henna: How to Cover Gray Hair Naturally!

How to use henna to cover gray hair naturally: 

The video on how to cover gray hair naturally is one of the video tutorials that has been most requested in the past months and I was so happy to see that there are lots of persons willing to give up using the traditional, chemical hair dyes they had used for years to start using a natural hair dye.

I found myself quite confused when I was doing my own researches by the multitude of information and advises given on how to use henna to cover gray hair naturally (click to read the related blog post).

This video tutorial has been quite a challenge because I wanted to share with you as many details as possible making the best use of the experience I gained in the past 5 years that I’ve been using henna to successfully cover my grey hair naturally.

The above video-tutorial is in english with italian subtitles available.

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Natural Hair Dye

I am in love with the pure quality of these herbal hair colors, otherwise I would not have continued using them, nor would I have thought to recommend them on my online store. The producers of the lawsonia inermis and cassia obovata are located in Rajasthan (India) while the indigo comes from a more southern Indian district. The katam and sidr plant powders come both from Yemen.

Sidr is a plant which is a “cousin” of Shikakai but it has the advantage of washing the hair that has been colored (especially with Indigo or Katam) without making them lose color, instead  fastening and setting the color to the hair. Rich in mucilage and astringent, this leaf powder is also used to soothe the scalp diseases and fight against dandruff.

I’m using both sidr and my homemade 100% natural shampoo, chemicals free, alternating them.

red henna lawsonia inermis

Red Henna otherwise known as lawsonia inermis is the only herbal hair color able to cover gray hair naturally. It gives:

  • light blonde or grey/white hair a bright natural reddish shade with hints of orange
  • gorgeous unique red tones, when applied on dark brown hair
  • different shades of brown hair, from light brown to dark brown hair tones when mixed it with katam.

You might want to also check out the “FAQ & facts you should know about henna” video I uploaded to answer all of the questions I had received in this past year since I had uploaded the first tutorial on henna.

Using various percentages of red henna and black henna you may cover your gray hair naturally obtainining different shades of brown hair.

You might as well obtain dark purple hair, blue black hair or jet black hair using Katam or Indigo powder (click to read the related blog post).

Keep in mind when purchasing your natural hair dye: some brands that sell henna already boxed and labeled contain metallic compounds that will react with the ammonia activator in synthetic hair dyes. If you are approaching a henna treatment for the 1st time you need to make sure that it is 100% pure with other unlisted ingredients in it which can lead to dramas like green purple fried and brittle hair. The ingredients list should only contain the name of the herbal hair powder: cassia obovata, lawsonia inermis, indigofera tinctoria or buxus dioica.

Unfortunately, there are still too many henna hair dye producers that do not provide accurate labeling. I myself applied henna on my hair for the 1st time after only 2 weeks from the most recent chemical dye! Fortunately, my henna was 100% pure and in fact it was body art quality (best quality available on the market!)..therefore no drama occurred 😀

Remember to always test any mixture you might wanna try, on some hair you collect from you comb or hairbrush.

Henna Benefits

But henna does not only cover your gray hair naturally, but it also leaves it stronger, fuller, thicker and healthier looking. If you apply it on a regular basis, it will strengthen your hair and it will make it look stronger and brighter, adding a natural shine (click to read the related blog post).  The great thing about henna is that it will penetrate your hair and it will build up in time the thickness of your strand which in turn will increase the volume of your hair.

Henna is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and it restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affecting the natural balance of your hair.

I advice you to store your plant powders in a dry, dark and relatively cool place like your wardrobe or a cupboard, because the light might diminish the power of plants.

There are some sources on the internet advising to store henna and other plant powders  in the fridge or freezer. Don’t do it!!! All plant powders develop their color by fermentation and you run the risk that the powders will absorb humidity while kept in the fridge or in the freezer.

henna cover gray hair naturally

Feel free to experiment till you get the right mix of plant powders for your type of hair. It took me around 3 months to get the right mixture that would both cover my gray hair and be close to the hair color I have dreamt of. I did not share the exact percentages in the video tutorial as the final color you’ll end up with, depends a lot on your hair’s history and on the original color of your hair.

I am actually applying a henna mixture on my gray roots every 3-4 weeks while I apply on my ends a different henna mixture every 2 months. I use a 5% cassia obovata, 35% lawsonia inermis and 60% katam to cover my gray hair while on my ends I lower the percentage of lawsonia inermis as the ends are already dyed, therefore I do not have the need to cover any white hair and I do not want the ends to become redder and darker in time. Remember that the final result of the henna treatment can be seen after 3 days you made the treatment.

You might want as well check the The Ultimate Guide to Henna & Herbal Hair Dyes Preparation and Application blog post where you will find a detailed guide on the preparation and application of henna and herbal hair dyes.

If you still have doubts or some questions on how to cover your gray hair naturally I have not yet answered in my blog post or video, you might find them on my other blog, www.beautiliciousdelights.com.

UPDATE APRIL 2017: I am updating the BLOG and some of the links may not work for the moment. Don’t lose faith, all the articles I’ve dedicated in these past 3 years to how to consciously use herbal hair colors will be up online asap. Thank you for your patience!

Are you still willing to stick to the chemical dyes just to get a quicker result but unhealthy hair when there are so many benefits from using henna? 😉

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I’m looking forward to reading your feedbacks and suggestions!!  ;)

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Love & light,


Later Edit: if you need to get in contact with me, please do it by email here or on beautiliciousdelights.com (my online shop!). My beautyfoodtips blog has been lately under heavy spam attacks and I have difficulties in getting to read your comments down below. Thank you!

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132 Responses to Henna: How to Cover Gray Hair Naturally!

  1. Nagore Elena says:

    Saluti Rosalia! I really liked this video as I m thinking about dying my hair with henna. I don t have any white hairs yet (yay!), i just wanted to try something a little different with my hair as i ve never coloured it before. My question is how long would the colour stay on my hair.. If i didnt like the result how could i get it out without damaging my hair.. Grazie mile!

  2. Ruby Feline says:

    I’ve been using Cassia, but mostly for conditioning purposes. I’m long overdue for a treatment, ha. I’ve always had a few weird very light or white, not sure, haha, hairs and it makes them more golden and blend in with my dark blond. Thanks for the vid, I love how knowledgeable you are 🙂

  3. BeautyFoodTips says:

    ;)) Lol at knowledgeable! Just had to learn if I wanted to keep it healthy! It’s kinda boring the long pose of the henna, but it’s worth it for the final effect it has on my hair..thanks for taking time out of your day to watch the video :)) xoxox

  4. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Saluti Elena! ;)) you have to love red or copper shades in your hair otherwise it’s pretty much difficult you’re gonna love it. You can make different mixture, but the red shade (in different versions: stronger or lighter) will always come out… I personally love it cause due to the grey strands it seems I have highlighted strands..As for how long it will stay on your hair..it depends a lot on how many times you apply it and how often…anyway henna does go away in time as any dye ;))

  5. Tatjana Miljojcic says:

    i dye my hair with henna, for about four months.:D and it is so great, it gives me natural red hair, and helps my hair to reduce frizz, and it moisturise it..i dyed my hair once with chemmical dye, and got allergic reaction because of PPD.never again.henna that i buy has only one ingredient, lawsonia intermis, so it doesn’t have chemicals.because some ‘ natural henna’ has it.the only thing that i do is, mix henna with red wine.:D because you get more intense color..kisses and hugs from serbia.<3

  6. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Hi beautiful Tanya, happy to read your positive experience about henna! Thank you for sharing it with me and for stopping by! We share the same common love for henna! yuppyy..I can’t imagine myself going back to chemical dyes…not after 3 awesome years of henna, cassia and katam 😀 XOXOXOXO

  7. MicioPolpetta says:

    Bellissimo il tuo assistente-parrucchiere! 😉 BTW, interessante davvero questo video, ero convinta che non fosse possibile ottenere un colore diverso dal solito rosso! Anche io tingo i capelli ormai da molti anni e mi piacerebbe provare, ma mi spaventa un po’ anche per via del mio colore attuale….

  8. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Ciao Serena ;)) non mi lamento..tutti e due mi danno sempre una mano nei miei spignatti :)) Convintissima anche io come te fino alla prova contraria..devi solo provare (sempre sui capelli della spazzola) e vedere se il risultato potrebbe piacerti 😉 tu sei abbastanza chiara se non sbaglio..per un biondo cenere va molto in germania 70% cassia e 30 % katam…cmq a forza di sperimentare sono sicura che riuscirai a trovare il mix giusto 🙂

  9. Amani Kafele says:

    Hey I want to use henna and its hard finding a good brand one problem I dont understand german or french but I want to try the products…help

  10. Bobbie Sanchez says:

    Most informative henna video I have watch on You Tube . thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Cindy Riedmiller says:

    I enjoyed your video very much. I am wanting to color my hair with henna instead of using chemicals. My hair is longer than bra length. My hair color is light brown with old highlights and I have about an inch and a half of grey roots. I am afraid then henna will make the roots one color and my chemical hair another. What can I do to blend it? I would like to stay around medium brown.

  12. Cindy Riedmiller says:

    Hi, thanks for your quick reply. I went to the web site and it says it is down. How can I find your blog? Thank you, Cindy Riedmiller.

  13. Cindy Riedmiller says:

    No worries I found the site. CindyRiedmiller

  14. Cindy Riedmiller says:

    What do think about henna from HennaHut that is already powder mixed together? Cindy Riedmiller

  15. Cindy Riedmiller says:

    Good morning Rozalia, here are the ingredients for medium brown results. I do not know the precentages. Indigofera tinctoria, lawsonia inermis, emblica officinalis gaertn (alma), eclipta alba and azadirachta indica. They say to mix with water and apply right away and leave on hair one hour. They also say if you leave it on longer your hair will become more red. I went to the website you listed and was able to convert to english but because my hair was long and it needed to be shipped from another company I ordered 1,000mg? Of each product that you use and it came to 150.00 dollars. I am willing to pay more for a good product, but was hoping hennahut would work just as well due to lower cost and they can ship in 1-3 days here in the United States. Thank you for your help and time. I so appreciate you. Thank you, Cindy Riedmiller

  16. Cindy Riedmiller says:

    Hi Rozalia, I was curious if you dye your eyebrows with henna and if so could you do a video on this? Thank you, Cindy R.

  17. Cindy Riedmiller says:

    Hi Rozalia, I received my HennaHut henna and did hair test with old hair from my brush. It turned out reddish-orange, somewhat bright but not bad. The instructions stated on grey or white hair the color would be ornage to rec or green and would turn to brown by morning. I applied some onto my scalp on the the grey and it turned light green. When I got up this morning it was the same color, not brown at all. Today I am re-doing the sample hair a second time and also the same grey root area to see if that helps. I am dissappointed that there is no medium brown color anywhere yet. They state the henna is better than body art quality. They do not require leaving on 6 hours or even covering your head with plastic. They say no longer than 1 hour, which I did follow. I did another hair sample and left it on 2 hours without any difference in color that I could see. Thank you, Cindy Riedmiller

  18. Cindy Riedmiller says:

    Hi Rozalia, I used my HennaHut medium brown today with great results. The grey was covered and my hair is a nice medium brownwith no red tones. The alma tones the red color. I was completely happy that it came out well even with not so good hair samples. I did miss some grey areas and have re-touch it up. I tried to section my hair and work back to front but missed some root areas. I learned a lot with my first application. I also ordered some henna from Olga and exchanged a few emails. She is very kind as uou are too. You are my inspiration for henna hair. I feel relieved that I can obtain the colors I want without chemicals and hair and scalp feel better already. Thank you for your help! Sincerely, Cindy

  19. guera70ful says:

    This is how I started dyeing my hair when I was a teenager over twenty five years!Now I want to go back ! Thanks for this vidio!

  20. Gea De Vries says:

    hi there! love youre cat! 🙂 What treatment do you prefer on your gray hair? 1 step or the 2 step methode?

  21. Valentina Sacco says:

    Grazie Rozalia, non mi sono ancora decisa ad abbandonare le tinture chimiche, purtroppo, ma mi hai dato molte utili informazioni per quando mi deciderò a farlo! Mi spaventa un pò il provare e verificare, ma visto che hai condiviso già le tue fatiche in tal senso, mi sento più fiduciosa per quando proverò! Grazie della tua generosità….

  22. Manuela says:

    Cara Rozalia,
    Ho appena ordinato le 3 “henna”, mi preparo per la nuova esperienza. Ti faccio sapere come va.
    Grazie di tutti i tuoi consigli, brava!!!

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Ciao Manuela! Incrocio le ditta, anche se ho pochi dubbi al riguardo..difficilmente non ci si innamora dei risultati che si ottengono utilizzando l’henna :))

  23. kangsmn says:

    Hello Rozalia,In your video, you said to go to your beautyfood tips.com to get further details on the percentage you used for the mixing of the henna. I went into your blog but I couldn’t find it. I was so inspired by your success of using henna that I just ordered henna for the first time from the site you mentioned. Could you please share with me how much you used? I want my grey to be dark brown. I have natural dark brown hair. About half of my hair is grey now. Thank you!!

  24. Dyana Vrd says:

    Buna ! Vroiam sa-ti spun ca m-am vopsit cu henna dupa metoda ta si culoarea rezultata e un castaniu deschis dupa 3 spalari (adica chiar prinde bine) eu am pus : 60% cassia, 30% indigo si 10%lawsonia pe un par blond inchis(vopsit) si cu radacini albe (peste 60% alb, restul castaniu dechis) ; plus ca mi-a inchis cuticulele si nu mai e despicat, are stralucire, e super, a acoperit complet radacinile albe ; multumesc mult ; Pentru romancele care nu stiu de unde sa comande o henna de calitate eu am comandat de la elemental http://www.elemental.eu/ro/175-vopsea-henna si am folosit 200 gr in total , ca amestec

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Buna Dyana, ma bucur mult ca a avut succes metoda 🙂 De fapt nu aveam indoieli, eu o folosesc de mai bine de 3 ani si nu a dat o data gres 😉

  25. jennram1 says:

    Henna Hut’s ingredients list in in their FAQ ! 🙂

  26. A Fenn says:

    Dear Rozalia, i wonder if you would be kind enough to answer a question for me.
    i *do not* have any grey hair yet, but i have been dying my hair for years. my natural hair color is medium brown and since i was a teenager i have loved to dye it dark brown (i feel more myself with dark brown hair!). i don’t want to use the chemical dyes anymore (because i am breast feeding). Can you tell me what would be the best combination of ingredients and the quantities to turn medium brown hair into dark brown? i would like to avoid red tones as much as possible (my preference would be just plain dark brown, if that’s possible). Thank you so much! i love the colour of your hair by the way. it’s beautiful.

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Dear AjaFenn, I am glad you’re ready to give up chemical dyes and I am pretty much sure that if you find 1st quality henna & try it just once, there will not be any turning back. You can definitely obtain a dark brown color. You should only use a mix of lawsonia (red henna) and indigo or katam (black henna). You have to try the percentages, to see which one best suits you. Remember that the more lawsonia you have in your mix, the more red tones you’ll see in your hair..therefore you may start with a 50% lawsonia and 50% katam or indigo…and should it be too light as a brown you may diminish the lawsonia a little bit & add a little more katam/indigo..Hope this helps you. Thank you so much for stopping by and reaching out to me! Hugs, Rozalia

  27. halo merric says:

    wow! how interesting!

  28. Jayti says:

    Thank you for a very informative video and article. I have been using henna and indigo on my hair for about a year and half and I also found all the information confusing, contradicting and overwhelming. I am still trying to fine tune the process and the results so I am looking forward to trying your method. I have not used cassia or katam but they will be included in future processes providing I can get some katam (my usual suppliers here in the U.S are out of stock and seems to have been for some time now). For clarification, did you mix all three (henna, cassia & katam) together, in the same bowl and at the same time? I have been mixing the powders separately and then combining the henna and the indigo prior to putting it on the hair. Also, what percentage powders do you use on your ends?

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Dear Jayti, you may use as well Indigo until you find katam, the results should be ok as well..I use cassia in my mix to avoid a too dark brown, as application after application the color tends to become darker & darker and I’d like to stay a mid tone brown 🙂 I mixed the 3 herbs together in the same bow at the same time…on my end I lower the lawsonia percentage as I want to avoid to have too many red tones..and I only apply the mix on the ends once every 2-3 months. Hope this will help you fine tune your process. Take care :* Rozalia

  29. Laura says:

    Ciao Rozalia, ero su internet in cerca di un’ispirazione per eliminare la colorazione tutt’altro che naturale che faccio circa ogni 3 settimane e ho trovato il tuo video!
    Ho i capelli castano scuro e la tinta serve a coprire quelli bianchi, che iniziano ad essere moooolto visibili. Tu applichi direttamente il mix 25%cassia+25%iawsoria+50%katam senza effettuare prima una colorazione con sola iawsoria giusto? Voglio tentare, ma l’idea di fare due colorazioni non è il massimo…
    Grazie mille per l’aiuto!!! 🙂

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Ciao Laura, io applico il mix direttamente perché la mia cervicale non mi permetterebbe di fare 2 colorazioni di seguito..ricordati che ogni capello è a se e che bisogna sperimentare varie percentuali per trovare la propria..io uso la cassia nel mix per evitare un colore finale troppo scuro, ma se a te non spiace un castano scuro puoi anche provare ad eliminare la cassia qualora non ne vieni a capo con il mix delle 3 erbe..in boca al lupo e preparati a dire ciao ciao ai capelli bianchi in modo naturale 😉

  30. Jayti says:


    Thanks for your timely response to my question. I will certainly give your method a try.


  31. Propheticfire says:

    I don’t trust henna huts indigo…..I tell you why in a minute

  32. Propheticfire says:

    if your paying really cheap for henna or indigo your get just what your paying for.best find reputable places..”.renaissance henna” from Australia is tested I believe you might want to see their site and see what im saying ….ty

  33. Sangeetha Anand says:

    The details the information and they way you see nature as solution is very impressive admire your knowledge on the subject I have been using henna for many years , one time just one time i used hair color my hair started falling like im going bald ,Im back to henna now can you tell us some tips how to prevent hair loss or treatment for hair loss

  34. SHERRI SMITH says:

    Thanks for this tutorial, what nationality are you?

  35. nicip79 says:

    I just found your channel and have subscribed! I really love your videos,
    your personality and your style. Thank you so much for sharing!

  36. Vague Vereena says:

    Does it burn?

  37. Grubby Newton says:

    Hi, Rozalia. How did you transition your hair from commercial dyes to
    henna? I am 90% gray and using Goldwell 6N. I would like to transition to
    henna but don’t know how.

  38. Bite0fSugar says:

    As a Saudi girl, I have been using henna all my life. The past 5 years I
    had to dye only the roots to cover the grey hair. Henna makes grey hair
    orange! My mother use katam regularly but still doesn’t work efficiently ,
    may be the mistake is in the preparation. We usually add yogurt and leave
    it to set a while. Also we add chamomile for lightening or Roselle (a red
    plant ) to give the hair a reddish brown color , and clove to thicken the
    hair, I don’t know if it is true but we add it 🙂

    Love your videos and thank you very much 🙂

  39. MsCelina87 says:

    +BeautyFoodTips hi, great video, what are your opinion on lush caca noir??

  40. Mishra Anubha says:

    hi,from where i can get indigo powder??can you suggest any online shops??

  41. dareds89 says:

    ciao!mi son convinta (e ho convinto anche la sorella) ad usare
    l’henne.nonostante il tuo video sia chiaro (come sempre) ho ancora tanti
    dubbi.per esempio,quando dici che è difficile schiarire cosa intendi
    precisamente?mi spiego.se sbaglio e rendo i miei capelli troppo scuri,
    quanto ci impiegheranno a tornare al mio colore naturale (se tornano)?
    io e sister siam castane scure.però proprio per provare vorrei provare con
    una miscela intermedia di quelle che proponi tu per castano chiaro e
    scuro,o sbaglio ed meglio 50 lawsonia e 50 indigo ? io vorrei provare con
    30 cassia 30 lawsonia e 40 indigo o katam,risulterei troppo chiara o troppo
    ramata?. di mio sono molto scura.
    altra domanda,mi consigli katam o indigo?
    ultima (giuro) sul sito della signora di cui parli henna und mehr,non trovo
    la lawsonia,mi potresti indicare qual è?
    scusa le mille domande:D

  42. Hi there, I love your video.. I have been researching henna and other ingredients you can use to take out the red. My hair is a med reddish brown color and I have used the henna without anything else because I am afraid of the indigo. I cannot find the email address of your friend Olga, can you please send it to me? I want to find some katam to use. When I got the henna my gray had grown out several inches so I went ahead and used it with just amla. It almost is the right color but it needs the brown shade in it. I have a brown line at the level of the bottom of my ears where the brown ran out. I stopped using the chemical dyes because I started noticing breakage in my hair and the amount of hair that fell out in the shower. I would really love to preserve my hair while I can. By the way I love your hair color, you are a beautiful woman inside and out! I’m going to bookmark your website, and hope to get to know you better, hoping you can give me some tips on skin and food. I turned 50 this year but feel like I need to catch up on my health. I lost my oldest son back in 2007 and fell into a horrible depression that i thought was going to kill me but by the grace of God, He pulled me through this year. Hope to hear from you, Sarah

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Hi Sarah, happy you reached out to me! Why are you afraid to use indigo? If it’s pure, it should not be dangerous..Anyway mixing the herbs will surely help you reach the brown shade you’re dreaming of 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, it’s never too late to start showing ourselves some love and catching up on our health..little steps may lead to miracles in time..You’re a strong woman and I’d love to have your news every now & then whenever you feel like reaching out.<3

  43. Laura Anaya says:


  44. Laura Anaya says:


  45. sweetfairyish says:

    Your hair is gorgeous 🙂

  46. sweetfairyish says:

    Your hair is gorgeous 🙂

  47. Bilquis says:

    Hello, i loved yr video, i learnt many things abt henna. I have been using the red henna and it covers the grey hair, but gives a bright red colour.now i know how to make it darker using indigo. But i mix olive oil usually in it, and it wrks fine for me though. I makes it shinier i guess?

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Dear Bilquis, if for you it works just fine then do not change..adding other ingredients to the henna treatment is not recommended as the color may not be as intense and the coverage not that good..but, I repeat..if it works for you, don’t change it :))

  48. dareds says:

    Appena fatto,non vedo l ora che passino questi tre giorni per vedere il risultato finale.una domanda,li sento abbastanza secchi..posso mettere sulle lunghzze olio dibjojoba o é meglio aspettare una maschera pre shampo al prossimo lavaggio?

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      se hai hennato anche le lunghezze, meglio aspettare perché gli impacchi di olio tendono a scaricare il colore! soffri a fin di bene :)) Ti consiglio di usare un buon balsamo invece dell’olio…rimanda l’impacco al 3° o 4° lavaggio! In bocca al lupo, che il risultato rispecchi le tue aspettative 🙂

  49. Denise Argiro says:

    Thank you for this fabulous video filled with such great information. I
    have been detoxing my hair by No Pooing (no shampoo or conditioner) and
    using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. My hair is coming along after 3
    weeks. I now want to stop using chemicals to color my grey hair and found
    this so helpful. I am a bit nervous to mess with my hair as I have been
    chemically coloring it for a very long time and want to make sure the henna
    is pure and the right ratio. My natural color is dark brown but has been
    chemically reddish for a long time. Fingers crossed I can figure it out. 🙂
    Great videos, website and personal journey.

  50. Lea Wild says:

    Hi Rozalia
    I am a male and I would like to thank you for your tips on Hanna
    application.I was dying my hair medium to dark brown with a commercial
    applicator dye method for men.I have aprox 30-40% grey hair and after about
    2 years found dandruff to be a problem.For years now I have been steering
    away from commercial shampoos and thought it was time to research natural
    Henna as a healthy alternative.There is a lot of complicated and messy
    videos on you tube but I wanted a one step process and chose your
    advice.Well I mixed 3 heaped tablespoons of 100% henna and the same with
    100% indigo i applied it around 7.30pm and rinsed at midnight because i
    wanted to go to bed.My wife joked about wheather I would end up looking
    like Ronald mcdonald or the green Goblin and she couldnt stop laughing.Well
    i was surprised to find it turned out a medium brown my hair feels thicker
    and healthier. I will apply this earlier next time and leave it on
    longer.Even though I rinsed it with luKe warm water and a little apple
    cider vinegar my hair feels a little dry so I might add a little coconut
    oil or essential oils is that ok?
    Once again thank you I am realy happy with the results.

  51. Rhonda Garcelon says:

    Hi Rozalia,
    Thank you so much for your lovely video on henna. I had a some questions I’d like to ask you. Can you tell me why you choose katam over indigo? If I choose indigo, should it be pure, non-fermented? I am not sure about the fermented ones, where chemicals may be used in the fermentation process. Is there any reason I should add salt to indigo, some saythat it makes the indigo stick better to your hair. (seems it would be drying on the hair) Can Alma be substituted for the Cassia? I have heard that Alma mixed with Henna acts as an acid to release the henna dye and can tone down the red of henna. ( also darkens indigo) I am a bit confused and thought, maybe you could help.
    Thanks again,
    PS Is it possible to reach you by phone?

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Hi Rhonda, glad you reached out to me. I chose katam over indigo as the feedbacks I got on katam were better. It seems the color lasts longer 🙂 You should choose all pure powdered herbs, in their unaltered state. Avoid using salt as it will dry out your hair. Alma tend to darken the color, it is not quite a substitute, but it is anyway great for the hair. If you get the occasion, try it out. I’ve only used it once in my mix, but it tends to darken too much my brown color, hence I prefer to use cassia. I hope this helps you out.

      You may find me on Skype sometimes as rozalya79. Happy henna :))

  52. Mariana Herrera Feo says:

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  53. 97grad says:

    Love this video and all the information in it. I’m just wondering what is
    the difference between the two types of henna you mentioned?

  54. Jax Gatewood says:

    what do you think about this product surya brasil henna cream. the colors
    are ok, covers grey but have to leave it on for hours.

  55. kfitrell says:

    I don’t understand how you are releasing the dye in your Henna without an
    acidic additive and allowing it to sit to develop. It seems that, in your
    mix, your Henna is only binding the Indigo and Cassia, but not adding any
    actual color, which is probably why your hair appears more black than brown
    (or is that my monitor?). Science does tell us that Henna definitely needs
    an acidic push to release dye. Normally, in mixes, one prepares Henna the
    night before and then, at the last minute, prepare Indigo and/or Cassia and
    mix them together just before application. This would give one a true
    brunette color.

    I’ve been using Henna for years now and it’s amazing! My hair grows very
    fast and is super healthy. The color is such a striking red, that I am
    often stopped by strangers. But now that I am 51, I have so much gray
    coming in that I can’t keep up with the application. I have to reapply to
    my roots every four weeks, which is such a pain! So, I am thinking of
    gradually either lightening up by adding more and more cassia, but that
    would take YEARS, or gradually going brown by adding a little indigo and
    thereby (hopefully) making it faster to go the lightening up route. I wish
    there was a way to highlight my hair so the gray growing in would look less
    noticeable. Every month I vow to just let it go, but as soon as that line
    of gray appears, I give in. I’m weak. Any advice would be appreciated!

  56. BeautyFoodTips says:

    +Jax Gatewood I can share with you what I think about it if you post also
    the ingredients list..I don’t know this brand. Usually henna has to be left
    on for 4-6 hours to cover the grey hairs 😉

  57. Happinesmakeup87 says:

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  58. Elisa Volpi says:

    Grazie per questo interessante video!io volevo portare i miei capelli dal
    mio colore nerissimo ad un rosso(lo so che è molto difficile) nella
    preparazione dell’intrulio uso molto henne e lo lascio ossidare una notte
    con limone o aceto.non aggiunto ne katam ne indigo.. Dici che in ogni caso
    è meglio utilizzare solo acqua tiepida?

  59. Pavjeet Singh says:

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  60. Nerusu Dinakar says:

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  61. Jole Crivelli says:

    Hi, and thank you so much to sharing such good tutorial rich of information
    and very well done, I follow some of your suggestions , I’m dark brown and
    I have decided to buy une Khadi light brown, dark brown, and back just in
    case something could go wrong, I went with the dark brown “the middle
    choice” and all seems going well! unless the white hairs that are turned
    little red, so my question is, should I keep going to use the dark brown of
    this brand since it doesn’t seems to have chemical or sodium compositions
    in order to turn dark brown those now dark red hairs? or maybe you can give
    me any other solution… will be really appreciate, thank so much in
    advance! Jole

  62. Siham Aboulhassane says:

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    ur hair colour but i need you please to write for me your mixture. thank

  63. Rachel Edwards says:

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    I’m now ready to use henna for the first time. Please could you tell me a
    little more about the rinsing with vinegar that you mention near the end of
    the video? Does it matter what sort of vinegar and should the vinegar be
    diluted at all? Should I rinse the vinegar out with water immediately or
    leave it on for a few minutes? Also, I have bought some sidr. When would be
    the best time to use this after I dye my hair for the first time? Many
    thanks again 🙂

  64. lili M says:

    Since indigo take only 20min to get ready, the best thing is to add the
    indigo at the end.

    But, Henna need to stay over night otherwise you wont get the best color-
    this is a method that has been going on for centuries- of course if your
    henna is pure-
    pure Henna does not have any other color but red, so the green pure henna
    would be red.

  65. Malaika Simon says:

    If you mix curry leaves and coconut oil it helps with grey hair.

  66. AAA A says:

    Thanks a lot for the recipe. I would like to apply it to my mom.
    Would you please remind me the ingredients?
    1. katam
    2. Red henna
    3. ?
    Are those just the ingredients? or did I miss one of them.

    Thanks again 🙂

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    only a few white hairs but they are very obvious against the rest of my
    dark brown hair. I want to try this on the white strands but I must admit I
    am still intimidated to try as I have never used dyes of any kind before.
    It seems so difficult. I wanted to ask if it is safe to use henna while I’m
    pregnant, or should I wait until after my pregnancy?

  69. jred1838 says:

    I clicked on your box at the end of the video, but it said that page was
    unavailable. Could you reload the page? Thank you! This is new territory
    for me and I am more than a little nervous!

  70. nadia adams says:

    Thank you for your video. You mentioned in the end of the video that you
    wash your hair with nature shampoo, I didn’t get the name of it. Can you
    please list the name of the nature shampoo and condition that you use and
    do you use soap nut with shampoo or alone?
    Thank you for your help

  71. sue k says:

    I use an off the shelf henna from Light Mountain Natural; my hair is light brown so I use the light brown. I don’t have much grey yet but it’s enough to really show against the light brown. I’ve been using this product for about 2 years now, about every 4-6 weeks to keep it looking good. It lightly stains the grey; I’m NOT using their product for grey hair; just the regular one. I mix in about a half of a large lemon so that it doesn’t come out too dark; I’d prefer if there was a lighter shade but there isn’t. I use boiled bottled water and the lemon(in while boiling in the microwave) and make a mixture the consistency of yogurt, cover and let sit for 2-3 hours. I rinse my hair after shampooing (no hairspray, etc.) and coat as per the videos here, then cover with the provided cap and an elastic hair band, and leave on for about 2.5 hours. This last time I only used heat about 2-3 minutes about 3 times during the 2.5 hours; otherwise it comes out with a reddish tint I don’t care for. But the result is so soft and shiny, I love it. The grey just gets these nice light brown/blonde tints so it looks natural but not grey. Definitely swear by henna!

  72. karen Turi says:

    Hello Rozalia,
    I bought a henna sachet in a Indian Whole food store called:-Nupur Mehendi (by Godrej). The main ingredient is Lawsonia inermis leaf powder and in decending order added to this is:-Aloe vera powder,Neem powder,Brahmi, Bhringraj, Amla, Shikakai,Hibiscus, Jatamansi and Methi.(there are no chemicals) It was only 3$ but I’m wondering if this would work on 20/30% grey hair.? In mixing it ,(with black coffee) it had a lovely creamy texture, but appeared to stain very orange the fingers. I’m thinking that it may be too orange for grey hair(?) Seeming as you are very studious in your approach to doing henna ,I was curious to know if you are familiar with these added natural herbs to henna and whether you would recommend this. Thanks.

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Hi Karen,
      all the added natural herbs are great herbs for your scalp and hair, but not very helpful in covering grey hairs. Considering the small quantity of grey hairs it may anyway give good results (it all depends on the percentage of lawsonia in your mix) in covering them although you are not going to obtain a brown shade, but an orange/reddish one. Black coffee does not help in darkening the hair so I would not advise you to add it..Consider that the best results in covering the grey hairs are obtained by using pure lawsonia. Thank you for your trust <3

  73. chikys5 says:

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    desist using henna, but apparently you did everything so clean and natural
    that I’ll try

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    catching up on myself. I will use your tips. I have noticed that your
    hair is similar to the (bangs) cut I just got. Though I am slowly getting
    the hang of in,I am having a terrible time trying to style them nicely.
    Would you be interested in showing a few ways you do them?

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    light brown..i live in Egypt ..can u tell me where I can buy the henna that
    achive light brown color?..and is it ok to dye it with henna while it is
    already chemicaly dyed?…my hair condition is depressing me and I need to
    get more healthy and thicker hair…plz answer me..thank you in advance

  76. hipretty says:

    Wait, I am totally confused! I was always told that henna mixed with indigo
    cancels out the indigo unless you do first a henna treatment (or henna
    cassia treatment) to redden the hair….then later a completely separate
    indigo treatment to stick to the reddened hair to achieve dark brown /
    black. You are mixing both henna and indigo together with your cassia in
    the same bowl to achieve your dark brown color? And you are saying henna,
    indigo and cassia in different percentages altogether in the same bowl to
    achieve light brown..not 2 separate steps?

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    if you could spare a few minutes.
    Thank you

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    results that is possible! And also can you tell me the amounts I have to
    use of each to mix the right consistency thank you so much x

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    really confused if I should stay with henna or go back to hair dye. please help
    I start in India so not sure if I can get the henna where you get it

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  90. BeautyFoodTips says:

    +Kalyan Vishnubhatla No, as I say also in my video, you don’t have to 🙂

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    blondes can use cassia obovata. I would like your opinion. Do you have any
    suggestions for blondes. I don’t mind going a darker color. I don’t really
    want the orange strawberry blonde with Henna. Would love some help. Thank

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    I have a question regarding covering grey hair roots with henna. Is there a
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    roots by myself it is always a mess and I finally colour all my hair, which
    is not right 🙂 Thank you!

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    video but suddenly i ‘ve watched your video and i like it . i ‘ll try it .
    but when i make henna always the roots have different color which is
    lighter than the rest of the hair…….it’s my problem.

  99. Feba says:

    Hi, In your page everything is accounted in Euros. So, is there anyway i could buy your henna powder through amazon? I really need henna for my grey hair!

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Hi Feba, my products are only available on http://www.beautiliciousdelights.com. Anyway, on the website you may change the currency from euro to dollars. This feature is available on the left side in the upper part of the website. Pls feel free to write me an email should you have other doubts 🙂

  100. Sandhya Gopal says:

    Thanks for the reply, I tried using conditioner but it washes off the
    color. I have made the soapnut shampoo you had suggested, I used it once
    before applying henna and it did not lather at all. Will try it now after
    henna hopefully it will not remove the color. Is there any natural
    ingredients that I can add to soapnut to make it lather?

  101. Sandhya Gopal says:

    Thanks so much for the reply. i did wash my hair with soapnut shampoo and
    used mild conditioner, now my hair is soft but i see that the black colour
    of indigo has completely gone and all my grey hairs have turned red. i
    washed my hair after 3 days of applying henna+ indigo color. Should i wait
    for more days before i wash my hair? also how frequently can i apply the
    henna+indigo color. i liked it better when my hair was almost black before
    the indigo was washed away

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  103. Christina says:

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  104. Dannynix says:

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  109. Fatima says:


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  110. farah says:

    Hello, thank you for all your tips. After watching your video I decided to buy lawsonia and indigo. I have just read that you also ship to the US, otherwise I would have ordered from your website, I’ll do it next time if I think the henna works for my grey hair. Anyways, I have 2 questions please:
    – Can I put the henna on wet hair right after the shower or my hair has to be dry?
    – I don’t want to have black hair neither light brown, I just want a normal brown. Can I just put like 60percent of lawsonia and 40 percent of Indigo?

    Thank you very much in advance

  111. Christina says:

    I have dark brown hair with strands of grey, I used 50% organic Lawsonia & 50% organic Indigo and kept it on overnight (almost 8 hours). The grey hairs covered but are a shade of red. Is there any way to get them turn a shade of brown?

  112. Claudine says:

    My hair is going grey and when I apply the red henna whichis the one I use the grey just looks horribly orange /bronze. How can I dull the bronzy colour that i don’y likeleft on the grey ?

  113. AnnRamirez says:


  114. barbara says:

    Hi Rosalia,
    Thanks for your lovely video, I need advice. I have been coloring my hair every 4 weeks with chemical hair colours, unfortunately I have lots of grey. I want to try natural products but need to know the quantities. My hair are dark brown, they are shoulder length and I have blonde highlights from the middle part of the hair to the end. I need to cover my greys but I don’t want to have orange hair. What can you advice me to do?

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Sorry Barbara for my late reply, but in the last months has been under heavy spam attacks and I have difficulties in seeing the messages on the blog. Pls send me and email to hello@beautiliciousdelight.com so that I can reply to you and make sure you receive my reply. Lots of love, Rozalia

  115. Tahir says:

    Hi,great post. I am male and have been using JFM for my white beard and now getting allergic reactions. I like dark brown to black colour but would settle for dark brown only. Would you kindly let me know if this product is suitable for beard. Im a bit worried as to how long i would have to keep it on though. Cant keep it on for hours,too busy.

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Hi Tahir,
      yes, this product is suitable for beard as well..you might get great results leaving the mixture on for 3-4 hours.

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