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Healthy Spinaches & Berries Smoothie Recipe

As true as it is that we are what we eat then each meal should be the excuse to only get healthy food. This smoothie recipe is healthy, delicious and full with antioxidants, vitamins and fibers and it is cheap, easy and quick to make, just perfect for busy on-the-go mornings. The perfect breakfast alternative!

Ingredients: berries, 1 banana, baby spinaches, ginger root, mint, ground flaxseeds/or chia seeds, homemade almond milk.

If you or your children are not a fruit or veggies lover, be sure that smoothies will help you and your beloved 🙂

Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables as the taste of the greens is hidden by the taste of the fruit. Check out the video-tutorial below for the recipe!

Green smoothies are a great way to start your day with a boost of energy, hydrated and satiated. They contain high amounts of water and fiber which it will make you feel as if you just ate a full meal.

You will be blown away by the increased energy you’ll feel, the radiant skin you’ll find yourself with, your cravings for junk foods will be greatly reduced, but you will surely start craving healthy foods 😉

Have fun and dare experimenting with different fruit, vegetable and superfood combinations. Give it a try and you’ll not be able to stop 🙂

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Thank you and I’ll see you next week 😉

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17 Responses to Healthy Spinaches & Berries Smoothie Recipe

  1. FatinaDeiLibri says:

    Grazie, lo provero! Io adoro i frullati 🙂

  2. BeautyFoodTips says:

    sono sicura ti piacerà 😉

  3. dany andry says:

    Buonissimo !!!

  4. Pmwalls46 says:

    This looks wonderful ! Thanks for posting !

  5. Karchar0518 says:

    Sounds wonderful, looks great. Enjoyed the video! 🙂

  6. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Grazie, anche io lo adoro soprattutto come colazione ;))

  7. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Glad you loved it! More coming next :))

  8. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Hope you’ll love it as much when you try it! 🙂

  9. Felicitas Le says:

    Looks great 🙂 where are you coming from? 🙂

  10. BeautyFoodTips says:

    I was born in Romania, but I’ve been living in Italy since 2002 🙂

  11. GUESSMYZAIS says:

    Delish! Thanks for sharing! Big fan of every thing healthy!!;) new sub!!

  12. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Happy you liked it! thanks for subscribing <3

  13. Lynette Garcia says:

    This looks so good! I’m going to try it! Thank you so much for your beautiful videos.

  14. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Thank you for stopping by! you’re gonna love it! <3

  15. NØRSE says:

    smoothie-ul perfect 😀

  16. BeautyFoodTips says:

    😀 perfection is subjective, but to me it is the perfect smoothie! 🙂

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