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Fresh Lavender Infused Oil DIY Recipe

If you love the calming perfume of lavender you’ll surely love this recipe which shows you how to make your own fresh lavender infused oil

Fresh lavender infused oil


As you can notice from the title of this blog post, it’s FRESH lavender and not dried lavender flowers…well, the infusion method  for the fresh lavender is a slightly bit different and the infused oil you’ll obtain, will have a perfume a lot more powerful & balsamic as the scent of the fresh lavender flowers is much more complex & balsamic, with a pleasing aroma which will be transferred to the extraction oil.

Last year I shared with you how you may obtain herbal infused oils, specifically using dried lavender flowers or lavender-calendula-chamomile dried flowers and I also made a short introduction to the the fascinating universe of herbs infused oils and the various methods of extracting the active fat soluble principles of the plants as well as their perfume. Therefore, if you can’t get fresh lavender flowers, don’t despair, you’ll still be able to obtain a lovely scented infused oil.

Check out the video tutorial:

or the blog post I made last year on how to make a lavender vanilla infused oil using coconut oil to finally make a 100% natural solid perfume. I love how nature offers us lots of natural alternatives, we just have to acknowledge them…instead of just using chemical fragrances.

But to see the tips I give you on picking up fresh lavender flowers & the wonderful surrounding I am immensely lucky to live in 😉 I invite you to check out the below video-tutorial:

The best time to pick lavender is mid-morning, after the dew has had time to evaporate. The ideal would be to pick when most of the buds are fully opened. Remember to not pick all of the fresh flowers and to leave some for the bees too..you’ll see that there’s quite some busy activity around your fresh lavender bushes 😀

If you’d like to dry part of your fresh lavender for later use, the classic method is to tie lavender in a bunch and hang it upside down to dry. Otherwise you may spread the lavender bundles on white towels in an area, away from direct sun rays where there is plenty of air circulation. Leave it there for some good weeks and just make sure it is 100% dry before storing it in mason jars.

The tip of using sea salt to absorb the water the fresh plant may release while being is an antique method working great & avoiding the oil to go rancid. Salt won’t contaminate your oil as it won’t melt: it is hydrosoluble. Once you add it as I show you in my above video-tutorial just cover the jar in aluminum foil and place it in a dark fresh place for 30-40 days to allow the infusion to take place, shaking occasionally, as often as you remember to.

When the infusion period is complete, strain out the used up flowers (don’t throw them away, I’ll show you in my next tutorial how to make the best use of them) and store the oil in a labeled jar with a tight lid. I store all of my herbs and oils in a cool, dark place to prolong their shelf life.

You may use any vegetable oil you may have at hand or love…just make sure that it is not an oil that goes rancid easily. You may use coconut oil or as well, rice oil which is a great oil to be used in skin care recipes…But on how to best use this soothing, healing fresh lavender infused oil, I’ll meet you right here, on my blog, in about 40 days so that you may have time to make your own fresh lavender infused oil 😉

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Take care & always choose yourself ;)

Much love,



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28 Responses to Fresh Lavender Infused Oil DIY Recipe

  1. BeautyFoodTips says:
  2. Ady Nas says:

    Brava Rozalia ! ❤❤

  3. Rosina M. says:

    Wonderful Video!!

  4. BeautyFoodTips says:

    grazie +Ady Nas :*

  5. Angel Ofthedarkness says:

    Ma che bel video! E che bei posti! Questo alla fine funge come un oleolito
    normale? 🙂

  6. VitaLivesFree says:

    I could smell lavender just watching this video. Beautifully filmed!

  7. Rinat e says:

    Great vid! Where is this lovely place? Thank you!

  8. Tobs D says:

    hi there can you use himalayan pink salt or magnesium flakes instead of sea
    salt to prevent the oil going rancid
    Also if you use dried lavender flower do you have to use salt?

  9. kusucosas says:

    what kind of oils can i use for this?

  10. BeautyFoodTips says:

    +kusucosas you may use rice oil, it will work fine as well 🙂

  11. Katie Schuch says:

    Hello! Could I use sweet almond oil for this?

  12. Iryna says:

    ci racconti un po come crei le tue etichette e da dove prendi ispirazioni?

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Ciao Irina, da brava autodidatta, ho imparato anche un po’ di grafica (avere un blog chiede questo ed altro :)), quindi è un vero piacere riuscire a personalizzarle in base alle mie necessità, usufruendo dei font speciali che sono ormai a disposizione di tutti ( ahimè..nella personalizzazione non mi fermo solo ai cosmetici 🙂 ). Ovvio che internet è una continua fonte di ispirazione, poi basta avere una bella foto che puoi in seguito adeguare al tuo bisogno 🙂

  13. Ruqaiyah Talib says:

    Lol, I just picked some out from my garden and I needed a way to use it
    without wasting it…… This video really helped, thnx very much xxxx

  14. Stella Uzdenova says:

    mmm, amazing

  15. designed2121 says:

    I did exactly like you said. Can’t wait for the results. Beautiful video
    Rosalia! <3

  16. Manita Anna says:

    can anyone please recommend which oils go rancid easily and which dont.
    Thank you

  17. xtraflo says:

    What about the Hot Plate method? Meaning heating this for a few hours
    instead of having to wait 30-40 days?

    Also, is there a formula for how much salt to plant you use? And how long
    will the salt allow the oil to not become rancid?

  18. ♥CuriousHAPPYjoyjoy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:
  19. Emile Soumele says:

    Heee BeautifooTips !!!! Your video was misleading because I know a lot of
    porn movies which start like your video :(. For comment-critics sorry for
    being the only perv to have notice it 🙂

  20. Yunjae Nguyen says:

    sorry, can i ask you one question, why do we have to add salt into the
    infused oil? I have watched many videos but haven’t seen anyone combine
    salt with fresh herbs.

  21. Chiara says:

    Cara Rozalia.Al posto dell’olio di cocco posso usare l’olio di riso? Inoltre, quando ho ottenuto l’olio alla lavanda pe quanto tempo si conserva?
    Grazie mille!!!!
    Sei bravissima e i tuoi tutorial sono molto interessanti e utilissimi!!!

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Ciao Chiara,
      si, puoi utilizzare qualsiasi olio vegetale, bada solo a usare il sale grosso se utilizzi lavanda fresca per assorbire l’eventuale acqua che i fiori freschi potrebbero rilasciare. Una volta che hai filtrato l’oleolito puoi aggiungere della vitamina E per essere sicura che ti dura a lunga. Io ho oleoliti anche di un paio di anni fa e sono ancora ottimi 🙂

  22. Sazia Afrin says:

    Thank you very much for the beautiful Video. Could I follow the same method
    for fresh Rosemary / thyme leaves? How about Dried lavender flowers? do I
    need salt with dried lavender flowers as well? Would it be suitable to use
    grape seed oil and then blend with jojoba oil after straining the oil?
    Sorry about so many questions…Thank you again for all your videos…I
    find them very helpful!

  23. Mark Abdelmaseeh says:

    what an amazing young lady you are

  24. Jessica T says:

    If you use dry herbs is the salt still necessary?

  25. Demetrio antonio macedo says:

    wooo gooddd

  26. vivavivi1000 says:

    Beautiful and elegant video!

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