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DIY Acne Scars & Rosacea Fade Away Serum Using Rose Hip & Ribes Nigrum Seed Oils

Hello my beautifoodies friends, as promised I am back with the second series, Vegetable Oils First Aid in fading away acne scars, rosacea, red marks & dark spots using a homemade acne scars fade away serum. DIY Acne Scars & Rosacea Fade Away Serum Using Rose Hip & Ribes Nigrum Seed Oils The two best known vegetable oils for their regenerating properties, the Black Currant oil (otherwise known as Ribes Nigrum Seed oil) and the Rose hip Seed oil (also known as Rosa Mosqueta oil), are great natural remedies to fade away acne scars.

The Rose hip Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Chilean Rose hip Rosa or Affinis Rosa Rubiginosa. It is a precious oil well-known for its regenerating & anti-aging properties, with remarkable results in improving the appearance of the skin as well as in preventing the damage of various pigmentations and wrinkles. Rose hip seed oil It has excellent tissue regenerating properties, promoting tissue healing & helping reduce scars (acne scars as well as chirurgical scars).

It contains a very high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are important for the synthesis of prostaglandins, which are substances responsible for the renewal of the skin. Being a rich source of essential fatty acids, it promotes the cell regeneration, proving to be very beneficial to treat acne lesions, stretch marks and scars.

If your scars are chirurgical, the Rose hip oil should be applied after the stitches were removed and the wound is completely healed. After washing the area, apply the oil on dry skin with a gentle massage. The effects will be evident after at least 4 months, and the skin will regain its elasticity and the color of the scar itself will significantly improve.

However, the old scars from traumas or injuries will require longer periods of time to see the effects, and everything will depend upon the age of the scar itself, its location and age of the person in question. Two or more applications per day will certainly help.

Not only does the Rosa mosqueta oil help the skin to produce new cells and heal the wounds, but it also improves the situation of wrinkles thanks to its strong antioxidant activity. And last but not least, the Rose hip seed oil is a great ally against stretch marks too. Applied daily, morning & evening, it will repair skin’s elasticity improving skin’s appearance.

I love the Ribes Nigrum oil for its amazing anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent and vaso-protective properties great for sensitive & irritated skins & also for dermatitis as it helps reducing redness and soothing irritations and eczema. In fact, it is also known as a natural alternative to the cortisone.

Black currant seed oil acne removal The high concentration of essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 protects the skin from premature aging providing flexibility to the skin and helping maintain its elasticity.

The Ribes Nigrum oil works wonders for the acne rosacea & red blotches as well, soothing & calming the irritated skin. You may apply these vegetable oils topically,  the way I showed you in my previous video on how to prevent and fade away acne scars using essential oils, but for best results, you should make an acne scars fade away serum using a mix of these 2 vegetable oils with some drops of benzoin essential oil.

Use an amber glass bottle to prevent the oils from going rancid as both of them are oxidation sensitive. Make sure to store them in a cool place, protected from air and light.

It’s better if you apply the oil on humid skin to facilitate its penetration. Otherwise you may also mix it with some aloe gel which is also very helpful & very beneficial in acne issues.It is important to use this mix daily, constantly, morning and evening.

Remember! The more recent the scar, the better the results 😉

These are my homemade remedies, sometimes nature can help us, sometimes we have to go see a dermatologist & search for professional help. I advise you to just stop and listen to your skin. Don’t insist on a remedy, only because it worked for me or for somebody else. We all are unique and so is our skin…if a remedy does not work for you, just change it, try something else..but please just don’t insist on applying something onto your skin when your skin clearly tells you she’s not enjoying the remedy 🙂

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Take care & always choose yourself 😉

Much love,



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9 Responses to DIY Acne Scars & Rosacea Fade Away Serum Using Rose Hip & Ribes Nigrum Seed Oils

  1. BeautyFoodTips says:

    DIY Acne Scars & Rosacea Fade Away Serum Using Rose Hip & Ribes Nigrum Seed

  2. daisyrossa89 says:

    Mi piacciono tantissimo i tuoi prodotti…sei in gamba :-*

  3. daisyrossa89 says:

    Mi piacciono tantissimo i tuoi prodotti…sei in gamba :-*

  4. Donna Hearn says:

    hi rozelia, i hope your launch has been successful, but no matter what,
    Enjoy life and all it has to offer. You never know what’s around the next

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    Love all your videos (literally ALL)! 🙂
    I hope you keep up the amazing work! 🙂

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    You look beautiful!!

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    Hi Rozalia,
    I never heard of benzoin essential oil and if I google it I get too many
    confusing results, Could you please recommend me one brand? THANKS

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    Rozalia ti prego metti ovunque i sottotitoli perchè mi serve un sacco per
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