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Personal Tag Video: 19 Random Facts about me!


Get to know me a little bit more in this video tutorial: where I come from, how I ended up making videos on homemade cosmetics and beautilicious recipes, how come I make my videos in English although I am Romanian, currently living in Italy, which are my favorite animals and sports, which are my hidden aspirations and dreams, the adventurous trip that inspired me to create my own cosmetic line the two cosmetics I would not give up to and many other facts about me! Enjoy the video and in return I would love for you to share at least 1 random fact about you or your life so that I can get to know you better too! Thank you for stopping by and spending time in my company! Remember that you may join the fun by subscribing the Beautifoodies friends’ list by clicking here to always be updated with the latest beauty tips & tricks! If you want to keep in touch subscribe my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram where I post daily updates! Stay always true to yourself! Much love! Rozalia

Fresh Lavender Infused Oil DIY Recipe

Fresh lavender infused oil

If you love the calming perfume of lavender you’ll surely love this recipe which shows you how to make your own fresh lavender infused oil…   As you can notice from the title of this blog post, it’s FRESH lavender and not dried lavender flowers…well, the infusion method  for the fresh lavender is a slightly bit different and the infused oil you’ll obtain, will have a perfume a lot more powerful & balsamic as the scent of the fresh lavender flowers is much more complex & balsamic, with a pleasing aroma which will be transferred to the extraction oil. Last year I shared with you how you may obtain herbal infused oils, specifically using dried lavender flowers or lavender-calendula-chamomile dried flowers and I also made a short introduction to the the fascinating universe of herbs infused oils and the various methods of extracting the active fat soluble principles of the plants as well as their perfume. Therefore, if you can’t get fresh lavender flowers, don’t despair, you’ll still be able to obtain a lovely scented infused oil. Check out the video tutorial: or the blog post I made last year on how to make a lavender vanilla infused oil using coconut oil to finally make a … Continue reading

Make your own homemade Vitamin C Face Toner

homemade vitamin c facial toner

Hello my beautifoodies friends, here I am ready to share with you the 3rd First Aid Tip to help you fade away acne scars, blemishes, red patches & dark spots. In my previous blog posts I shared with you: * how to prevent pimples and fade aways acne scars using essential oils and * how to make an Acne Scars & Rosacea Fade Away Serum Using Rose Hip & Ribes Nigrum Seed Oils, and today I’ll share with you how to make a homemade vitamin C face toner. Why Vitamin C? Well, vitamin C is extremely effective at lightening acne scars & promoting clean, clear and blemish-free skin. If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time, you already know that I am a firm believer that our beauty starts from the inside out and that we must help our skin from the inside before starting to cure it on the outside. How can we do that? Fortunately, Vitamin C can be obtained from both plant and animals sources. The richest plant sources of ascorbic acid are fruit and vegetables. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables may help you in healing acne scars from the inside out and in the same time it will … Continue reading

3 Easy & Quick Homemade Christmas Air Fresheners

christmas air freshener spray 1bft

If you want to do something to add a festive & special look to your home and create the wonderful Christmas holiday atmosphere these 3 easy and quick homemade Christmas air fresheners are the ideal solution. It will require you a minimum of time and effort and you’ll get a Christmas atmosphere without spending lots of money. Of course, you may buy one of these 3 solutions, but let’s not forget that most of the air fresheners out there on the market are full of nocive chemicals, whether it’s a candle or an air freshener spray. Especially paraffin candles are petroleum-based, and have been found to release toxic chemicals when burned, enhancing certain health problems, such as allergies or asthma. Make your home smell of the lovely scents of the winter holidays, any of these 3 homemade alternatives are the ideal air freshener whether you are having a holiday party, or you just want to get in the holiday spirit 😉 If you want your holiday guests to relax and enjoy themselves, don’t think twice and give these non toxic, all natural air fresheners a try.. The easiest & quickest air freshener consists in simply decorating, studding oranges or any other fruit of your choice with cloves. Not … Continue reading

1.000 Youtube Subscribers Thank You Giveaway

I’ve had this surprise on my mind for the past few weeks and I finally can unveil it hoping that you’ll enjoy the giveaway prizes as much as I enjoyed preparing them for you 😀 Every new subscriber to my youtube channel means a new friend passionate of homemade remedies, handmade cosmetics, delicious healthy recipes and most of all, eager to adopt or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every email or private message I receive, every comment or feedback on my videos or here on the blog, makes me smile and fills my heart with happiness. They’re like the gasoline I need to keep sharing my passion with the world. It takes a lot of time, patience, energy and most of all passion to keep a weekly rhythm, but reading your emails or messages make it all worth. Therefore: THANK YOU!!! thank you for supporting me, for taking time out of your day to watch my videos and read my blog posts. I just hope my videos will help you and other people too, to approach and maintain a healthier lifestyle and acquire a deeper awareness of what we all are applying onto our body. I’ve wondered what I could give away … Continue reading

Are Homemade Cosmetics Safe? Yes, If You Preserve Them Properly!


If you’ve been following my blog or my youtube tutorials for a while, well, you know that I am deeply convinced that our skin is the one and only measure of our health. But in order to keep our skin looking healthy we have to make sure that our homemade cosmetics are safe for our skin and in order to be sure they are safe for our skin, we have to make sure to preserve them properly. Every single day we have at hand so many vegetables, fruit, herbs, oils and many other foods that not only may nourish our insides, but also may hydrate, moisturize and beautify us on the outside. There are still so many people out there not realizing the benefits of natural skin care ingredients, ingredients that one has in his own kitchen or may find at the nearest market. Our ancestors used natural remedies for skin care for centuries to effectively treat and cure so many skin problems and to slow down the aging process. Unfortunately, year after year we entrusted ourselves to the cosmetic industry which doesn’t always have our best interest at heart. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you … Continue reading