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About Me

So what’s this all about and who I am?

About Me My name is Rozalia and I’m Romanian-born, Italian-“adopted” since 2002 when I challenged myself at the age of 22 & moved to a new country on my own, in my thirties, only daughter, fiancée and a 2 furry babies mommy 😀

I would like to share with you a little bit more about myself so you can understand where I come from and how I developed this strong passion for homemade natural cosmetics and healthy eating.

Presently I live in the north of Italy in the middle of vineyards, olive trees and wonderful surroundings although, deep inside, I am a city girl at heart.

At the beginning of 2013 I decided to escape the social patterns and leave behind a “9-to-6” job and simply challenge myself to find my true self. I have worn so many hats (working as an assistant manager, as a buyer, as a marketing assistant, as a project manager, ecc.), but none proved to be the one that fit me.

Therefore here I am, trying to find my path following my instinct and my heart!

Beauty Food Tips started out as a way to share beauty tips & healthy tricks I use in my daily life which could facilitate and help other people too. Day after day, week after week, month after month it became part of who I am and I want to be in the future.


I discovered in my late twenties, “thanks” to some skin problems, my passion for diy’s & natural products and I’ve been doing since then researches on how to lead a much more healthier lifestyle. I am not an expert in any way, just a self-taught putting myself out there for those of you in search of useful healthy & beauty tips.

For every beauty tip I share with you, I spend hours on dedicated books and on the internet making sure to give you accurate & safe information. Unfortunately I see on the web or on youtube, too many improvisations of DIYs which people simply ignore that they could be harmful..

I strongly believe that our outer appearance reflects our inner health cause we are in fact what we eat and our skin will reflect too what we apply on it as well as our lifestyle. Therefore Beauty Food Tips is my unique “tool” which allows me to share with you not only beauty tips, but also healthy beautilicious recipes.

Get to know a little bit more about me thanks to this 19 Random Facts Tag Video:

If you too, want to be sure that everything that is absorbed into your skin isn’t going to create future health problems or help cancer cells develop into tumors, then you should definitely check my page Why Beauty Food Tips” ? Many of your unasked questions may find their answer… 😉

I want to conclude by thanking you to have taken the time to read this page and should you feel like sharing your views with me, you may find me on my Facebook page or you can simply email me:


Looking forward to hearing from you and to having you with me on this amazing trip to a better and healthier version of ourselves.

Lots of hugs from Italy !



P.S. Thank you for supporting my youtube channel and for being such great friends! 

5 Responses to About Me

  1. Madlene says:

    Buna Rozalia!
    Sunt din Romania si iubesc blogul tau!
    Am incercat pasta de dinti, iar acum vreau sa incerc body butter.
    Esti extraordinara si iti doresc tot binele!

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Draga Madlene, tare mult ma bucura mesajul tau si ma stimuleaza sa continuu :)) Multumesc mult pentru cuvintele frumoase si daca ai vreun dubiu, nu ezita sa imi scrii <3

  2. Ronda says:

    Rozalia, You are so adorable! I just found one of your videos about coloring gray hair with henna, and it was supurb! I have been dying my hair for many years–it is dark brown, naturally, like yours, but I have a lot of gray! My ancestry is French and Native American, primarily. I was born in the United States and have lived in Canada, England and Wales, as well as quite a few states in the US. I will be exploring your website and hope to learn a lot from your healthy tips. Thank you!

    • beautyfoodtipslya says:

      Hi Ronda, so happy to read your lines and to find out you enjoyed my henna tips 🙂 I do fight against a loooot of gray hairs but luckily henna is a lot more powerful than they are 🙂 Wow..you have had such a adventurous life, thanks for sharing small details with me too :* Enjoy the website and if I can be of help, pls let me know! Much love, Rozalia

  3. Kelly says:

    Hi there, I stumbled across your blog looking to research henna. I am in my early 40’s and don’t look it but my greying hair on my hairline is giving my age away! lol I will look into buying the separate packaged henna instead of the store bought boxed.

    You are very beautiful and it’s nice to see that you left the grind and getting into internet based work. Very lucky indeed 🙂

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