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A dream coming true: Beautilicious Delights – Conscious Skin Care – coming soon!

Hello my beautifoodies friends,

I know it’s been long since my last tutorial, but the wait is almost over. I’m so sorry I could not make new videos, but I had to dedicate all of my energies to making a dream come true: Beautilicious Delights, my own skin care line, a dream that once seemed impossible. The below shot only anticipates part of the delights I have in store for you 😉



For me, it’s not just a skin care line, it reflects a way of living, a lifestyle in which we choose to no longer live  blindfolded, lost in tricky adverts, in which we choose to be aware of what we are applying onto our skin & why not, a lifestyle in which we choose to take care of our skin from the inside-out, as true as it is that we are what we eat. Long story short: Conscious Skin Care!

Mother Nature has always been practicing abundance and generosity: providing us the beauty of nature for our spirit & offering us all of its fruit as food for our body & skin. Its fruit not only are able to nourish our insides, but to also  moisturize, heal, hydrate, indulge and beautify us on the outside. This is what inspired me in creating Beautilicious Delights, an organic, vegan, gluten-free cosmetic skin care line, using only natural, skin-loving ingredients, free of allergens. All of my efforts were concentrated on doing my best to make a big impact on the skin and a small impact on the planet.

I don’t pretend you taking my word for it, I’ll be happy to share with you each ingredient my skin care line contains and how does every one of them benefit the skin. Each product is kissed with scrumptious fragrances allergen free & unique textures that are sure to delight the senses & take care of your skin & hair.

If you’d like to learn more, just stay tuned & and in about a week, the official website: www.beautiliciousdelights.com will be online launching the skin care line. (EDIT: the website is now online 😉 )

Just remember, the easiest & at hand beauty tip for a youthful, glowing skin is to make sure to eat the freshest foods & to use natural skin care products, being fully aware of what you put in your body & on your skin.

I have lots of other beauty tips in store for you as well as tricks on how to easily read the cosmetic labels, on how to create your own homemade remedies, as well as some of my daily delicious recipes, therefore stay tuned and remember to subscribe my YouTube Channel or to join the fun by subscribing thBeautifoodies friends’ list by clicking here, to make sure not to miss any of my future beauty tips & tricks.

I hope that you’ll join me & you will be excited to hop onto this “train” & start this journey with me in the continuous research of a better version of ourselves.

Much love,




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9 Responses to A dream coming true: Beautilicious Delights – Conscious Skin Care – coming soon!

  1. It’s really amazing how dreams do come true when you are devoted to them! <3 Enjoy the new journey, all my best! :*

  2. Priti Kalra says:

    How can anyone buy these???

  3. BeautyFoodTips says:

    Beautilicious Delights Teaser

  4. Stephanie Siega Ramos says:

    Bellissimo! Complimenti Rozalia sei sempre più bella! ☺️

  5. BeautyFoodTips says:

    grazie mille Stephanie <3! bacioni!

  6. Ellie says:

    Such a nice video!! 🙂

  7. sindhu kiran says:

    Lovely video rose.love your cat:)
    Amazing work of yours such beautiful gifts to the world of beauty:)

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